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Side Effects Blog Posts

Many bariatric surgery patients experience joint, muscle, and bone pain after the procedure. The Tijuana Bariatric team explores the causes of body aches and how…

Fernando Garcia Apr 18, 2018

Mood swings and changes in your emotions are common side effects after bariatric surgery. Let's consider recovery after surgical weight loss.

Fernando Garcia May 02, 2017

Single Incision Laparoscopic Sleeve (SILS) has similar side effects as traditional gastric sleeve surgery, though potentially improved healing times.

Fernando Garcia Dec 26, 2016

After gastric bypass surgery, patients will experience a number of side effects as they recover, Let's go over them briefly and offer healing tips.

Fernando Garcia Oct 24, 2016

LAP-BAND® surgery comes with its share of post-surgical side effects. Let's consider the healing and recovery process.

Fernando Garcia Sep 30, 2016

Some gastric sleeve patients complain of hiccups after the procedure. Why does this occur and what can be done? Read on to find out.

Fernando Garcia Aug 30, 2015

Nausea is a side effect that people experience after gastric sleeve surgery. There are a few ways that these issues can be prevented.

Fernando Garcia Jun 20, 2015

Anemia is a potential side effect after gastric sleeve surgery, though issues with iron deficiency are also more likely following gastric bypass.

Fernando Garcia May 16, 2015

Hair loss is a side effect of gastric sleeve and bariatric surgery options. Find out why major weight loss leads to hair shedding and thinning…

Fernando Garcia Apr 20, 2015

After losing weight from a gastric sleeve, it is not uncommon for people to have loose and sagging skin. Body contouring surgery can address these…

Fernando Garcia Oct 21, 2014

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Dr. Garcia is awesome. I chose bariatrics vertical sleeve surgery. I've lost 85 lbs. since January 2017. No complications... I regret not doing this years ago. Debbie M.

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