Mood Swings After Bariatric Surgery: Understanding Side Effects By info on May 02, 2017

A woman relaxing at homeAfter undergoing bariatric surgery, many patients experience some difficulties adjusting to their new lifestyle. This is to be expected. Life after bariatric surgery involves a lot of changes to your diet, your activity level, and your body. This can lead to mood swings, irritability, and even low moods. It's a joyful experience to be getting healthier, but there is a struggle involved.

At Tijuana Bariatrics, we place a great deal of emphasis on bariatric surgery recovery and lifestyle changes. This post-op focus can lead to better long-term outcomes for patients. With that in mind, let's consider mood swings after weight loss surgery and what can be done about them.

Changes to Your Relationship with Food

One of the common reasons for these mood swings involves changes in your relationship to food. Sometimes people eat out of comfort. After a weight loss procedure, you may not be able to eat certain foods, at least not in the quantity you used to. Rather then finding psychological comfort in food, it's more likely to become just of a source of nourishment.

This change can be quite a problem for people, leading them to feel distressed and unsure about what to do.

Emotional Needs Are Part of Total Wellness

Keep in mind that these feelings are normal and that it's okay that you feel the way you do. Many other patients have felt the same way as they adjust to life after bariatric surgery. You are not alone in this journey, and thankfully there is plenty that you can do to improve your emotional and mental well-being after weight loss surgery.

Speak with a Therapist or Counselor If Needed

Many people who've undergone bariatric surgery would benefit from speaking with a therapist or counselor as they recover. In fact, many people in general might benefit from speaking with a good therapist.

A therapist can offer some much needed perspective, and can provide a compassionate view of your life and your current situation that you may not be giving yourself. Therapy itself is an ongoing process, and it's a helpful part of discovering the new you in this new chapter in your life.

Be Open with Your Loved Ones About Your Emotional Needs

If you are going through an emotional struggle after surgery, be open about it with your loved ones. Their support in all this can be crucial for your recovery and your overall sense of well-being. This honesty, vulnerability, and intimacy are all normal parts of improving your health and your outlook on life.

Seek Support Groups with Other Bariatric Surgery Patients

We mentioned that you are not alone in this journey. It's important that you reinforce that. In addition to seeking professional help and being honest with your loved ones, find other bariatric surgery patients to speak with and share stories. You might connect with these people in person, or you can find various groups online as well. Whatever the case may be, finding a community and discussing your triumphs and struggles is so important as your recover and consider what life has to offer in the future.

Contact Tijuana Bariatrics

For more information about the side effects of bariatric surgery and what you can do to ensure proper healing and recovery, be sure to contact our team of weight loss surgery specialists today. The team at Tijuana Bariatrics looks forward to your visit and discussing these matters in much greater detail.

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