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Can Bariatric Surgery Reduce the Need for Knee Replacement?

May 31, 2017 — by Fernando Garcia
Tags: Arthritis Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery can reduce the severity of osteoarthritis later in life. Surgical weight loss could prevent the need for knee and joint replacement.

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Bariatric Surgery Can Help Relieve Joint Pain and Arthritis

February 18, 2017 — by Fernando Garcia
Tags: Bariatric Surgery Arthritis

Bariatric surgery promotes rapid and safe weight loss, which can help relieve arthritis and joint pain related to obesity and morbid obesity.

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Can Gastric Sleeve Relieve Arthritis?

August 17, 2015 — by Fernando Garcia
Tags: Gastric Sleeve Arthritis

Gastric sleeve can alleviate or prevent arthritis by cutting a patient's weight and reducing the stress placed on his or her joints.

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