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Bariatric Surgery Revision

Have you had weight loss surgery, but aren't seeing the results you had hoped for? Have you gained back the weight you originally lost?

If your surgical treatments have failed, revision surgery can provide the results you need.

Tijuana Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, can coordinate a bariatric revision surgery that helps you lose weight.

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Are you feeling discouraged after not reaching your goal weight following bariatric surgery? Contact Tijuana Bariatrics to request your free virtual consultation. A bariatric surgery expert can determine the best revision procedure to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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What Is Bariatric Revision Surgery? And What Can Tijuana Bariatrics Do For You?

Tijuana Bariatrics is passionate about helping their patients reach their weight loss goals through bariatric procedures. Our bariatric surgery office in Tijuana, Mexico, is here to help answer your questions during any step of the process. 

Bariatric Revision

Patients who undergo surgery for the treatment of obesity often achieve superb weight loss results. However, some obese individuals experience unsatisfying results in the months following their bariatric surgery. Some patients even regain weight or encounter medical complications over time. In these instances, bariatric revision surgery is recommended.

A Solution

Bariatric revision surgery can be an ideal treatment for patients who did not originally achieve their goal weight. The Tijuana Bariatrics network of bariatric surgeons can review your health history and evaluate your medical needs to recommend a weight loss method that will work best in your case. Through expert care, you can achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

Patient Education

When suggesting the right form of treatment, the bariatric team will educate you on what to expect at every stage of treatment and will explain the benefits and risks associated with a revision. With thorough patient education, you will be able to make a more informed, confident decision regarding the path you want to take in achieving your weight loss goals.

Do I Need Bariatric Revision Surgery? A Checklist

Do you think you may need bariatric revision surgery? Ask yourself these questions:

Have I met my goal weight?

Have I experienced complications from my previous bariatric surgery?

Has my gastric band slipped out of place?

Am I self-conscious of my appearance because of my weight?

Contact Tijuana Bariatrics if you answered yes to one or more of the above questions. 

Discouraged? Seeking a Solution?  Request a Free Consultation

It is discouraging to undergo surgical weight loss treatment only for it to fail. Tijuana Bariatrics is here to offer you hope with a safe, successful second surgery. At every step of your bariatric surgery revision, the Tijuana Bariatrics team in Tijuana will be there to support you.

Revision weight loss surgery is affordable. It typically costs 20 percent less in Tijuana than in the United States. At the same time, Tijuana Bariatrics offers advanced bariatric procedures at a modern, accredited hospital that meets the same strict standards as hospitals in the United States.

Tijuana is also conveniently located just south of San Diego, only three miles over the border. 

Contact Tijuana Bariatrics online today and request a free virtual consultation right from home with a weight loss specialist. You can also contact Tijuana Bariatrics using this toll-free number:

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Tijuana Bariatrics works with a network of highly trained bariatric surgeons who can perform revision bariatric surgeries of virtually any type including, but not limited to:

LAP-BAND Surgery

In some cases, band slippage has resulted in patients needing revision surgery to replace or reposition the device following their original LAP-BAND® surgery. Often, LAP-BAND slippage is detected when a patient discovers that they are failing to lose weight following surgery or they begin gaining weight in the months and years following surgery.

Infection may occur in your stomach if the device erodes. When erosion takes place, a hole within the lining of your stomach is created and exposed. To correct the complication and resume your weight loss journey, your surgeon can perform a revision, including gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery, to mend the hole and put your health back on track. And if you simply fail to see the results you had expected when undergoing LAP-BAND surgery, you may have other bariatric surgery options in addition to the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass methods, such as a Duodenal Switch procedure.

gastric band surgery

Gastric Sleeve

Even though gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most effective forms of weight loss treatment, the method may require bariatric surgery revision if the stomach stretches.

Over time, your stomach may expand, and it will need to be "re-sleeved" to prevent future weight gain. Some patients may not see desirable results following gastric sleeve surgery and could benefit from revision surgery, such as gastric bypass surgery. Another revision surgery for gastric sleeve is the Duodenal Switch.

gastric sleeve

Gastric Bypass and Mini Gastric Bypass

Stretching of your stomach may require reshaping and trimming in order for you to continue to lose weight. Through the gastric bypass or mini gastric bypass bariatric surgery, the upper portion of your stomach can be revised to achieve a better gastric bypass result. A re-sized, smaller pouch will help you to once again lose excess weight and keep it off.

Gastric Bypass and Mini Gastric Bypass

Gastric Sleeve Plication

Plication surgery patients who do not experience long-term weight loss can find hope with revision surgery. Sometimes a sleeve revision may be the right solution, although a gastric bypass is often the most suitable procedure to safely achieve a healthy weight.

Gastric Sleeve Plication

Effective Treatment at a Lower Cost

Bariatric revision surgery can cost as much as $30,000 or more north of the border. The network of bariatric professionals with whom Tijuana Bariatrics coordinates wants everyone to enjoy a healthy, confident life, which is why Tijuana Bariatrics provides revision surgery at about 20 percent of the U.S. cost.

Tijuana Bariatrics is proud to offer a variety of low-cost weight loss surgeries. Your cost will depend on which weight loss surgery you and your bariatric professional choose, whether it is the same or different from your original procedure. Tijuana Bariatrics offers surgery that is safe, effective, and affordable.

What to Expect

Your revision procedure will be tailored to your needs. Depending on your health, weight loss goals, and lifestyle, your revision procedure may require a different surgical option than you originally received. 

During your consultation, you can expect:

A free consultation with a weight loss professional can help you get the treatment you need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
A free consultation with a weight loss professional can help you get the treatment you need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Health Review

A bariatric professional will review your health and surgical history to determine which bariatric procedure would provide the most health benefits.

Weight Goals

You will discuss your weight loss goals with a bariatric professional to determine which procedure will help you achieve your goal weight. 

Lifestyle Review

You and a bariatric professional will review your diet and exercise habits to determine which treatment will best facilitate long-term weight loss. You will also discuss life after revision surgery and how Tijuana Bariatrics supports your lifelong commitment to weight loss. 

Achieving the Results You Want AFTER REVISION SURGERY

The Tijuana Bariatrics teams understand candidates for revision treatment might be especially anxious about life after bariatric surgery. While choosing a more appropriate procedure can improve your results, we will also be careful to look at the big picture: providing support so you can establish – and maintain – healthy lifestyle habits.

Each individual is unique, and we believe your treatment plan should reflect that throughout every stage. Losing weight is a lifelong commitment, which is why a nutritionist and other specialists will be available when you need them most.

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The network of physicians coordinating with Tijuana Bariatrics performs a wide range of services, including bariatric surgery. By choosing Tijuana Bariatrics, you can experience safe care from a board-certified surgeon in luxury accommodations.

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