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Mini Gastric Bypass

For many people with obesity struggling to lose weight, traditional bariatric surgery options may sound intimidating. 

Mini gastric bypass surgery is shorter and simpler than a full gastric bypass but can still provide dramatic weight loss results.

Take advantage of Tijuana Bariatrics' competitively priced bariatric procedures in Tijuana, Mexico, today. 

Patients Regularly See Dramatic Results*

95% of mini gastric bypass patients lost more than 50% of their excess body weight

*According to a 10-year study in the Journal of Minimal Access Surgery

Witness the Results of Bariatric Surgery Yourself

Before and after Gastric Bypass procedure
A slimmer figure and improved health can be yours after a procedure in Tijuana, Mexico. 

You May Be Perfect for Weight Loss Surgery  Find Out Today 

Dealing with obesity can be a daily challenge, impacting your health and making you feel unattractive. A mini gastric bypass can change that, giving you a boost in energy and self-confidence.

Your safety and quality of care are of the utmost importance to Tijuana Bariatrics. The bariatric surgeons who coordinate care with Tijuana Bariatrics use the latest techniques to ensure a successful surgery. 

If you're interested in weight loss surgery and want to know your options, Tijuana Bariatrics would be happy to discuss mini gastric bypass and other procedures during a consultation

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Was treated with lots of care. It was an amazing experience. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

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The crew were amazing. The whole time they were accommodating, timely and efficient.

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The Difference  Between a Roux-en-Y and a Mini Gastric Bypass

Before and after mini gastric bypass where a new stomach is created and connected to the jejunum. The bypassed portion of the stomach has digestive juice flowing to the jejunum while the new stomach has food flowing to the jejunum.

Both versions of gastric bypass are laparoscopic bariatric surgeries where patients experience significant weight loss. 

During mini gastric bypass surgery, a bariatric surgeon will make incisions to divide your stomach into two pouches, and will attach the new pouch to your small intestine several feet down from the beginning of the intestine. This will reduce the amount of food you can eat and the calories your body can absorb, resulting in transformative weight loss. 

A gastric bypass, also known as a Roux-en-Y, involves more intestinal rerouting than a mini gastric bypass and is not reversible. A gastric bypass also requires larger incisions than a mini gastric bypass. While both surgeries are safe, a mini gastric bypass comes with less risk. 

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The Quick Two-Step Surgery 

Mini gastric bypass surgery can be completed laparoscopically in an hour by your surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico. Traditional gastric bypass surgery can take up to four hours to complete. 

There are two steps involved in the surgery:

Step 1

The stomach pouch is split into two parts, one part about 25% of the original stomach and the other about 75%. A bariatric surgeon uses a laparoscopic stapler to form the smaller section into a thin tube, leaving you with a smaller pouch to digest food. 

Step 2

The new stomach is attached to the small intestine. After your surgery is complete, food will travel from the smaller stomach and bypass two to seven feet of the small intestine. This greatly limits the number of calories absorbed by the body.

The excess stomach and intestine in the bypass are not removed, to allow digestive fluids from the stomach to travel down to the rest of the intestines. 

The Cost of Your Bariatric Surgery

Mini gastric bypass surgery from Tijuana Bariatrics costs approximately $6,500. This price is competitive compared to weight loss surgeries offered in America and Canada, which can often cost $20,000 or more. 

In addition to your bariatric surgery, the cost for a mini gastric bypass through our bariatric surgery office in Tijuana, Mexico, covers hotel fees, hospital fees, post-operative medication, and nutritional consultations before and after surgery. Our team will provide ground transportation to and from the San Diego airport to Tijuana, Mexico. Your hotel is equipped with the latest technology and is close to a tourist district. Receiving weight loss surgery from Tijuana Bariatrics can truly feel like a vacation. 

We accept cash and major credit cards. To make bariatric surgery more accessible, we offer financing through United Medical Credit, Citerra Finance, Medical Financing Solutions, and Medicard® iFinance® Canada. For patients who qualify, Citerra Finance can fund surgery, travel expenses, and additional costs for your stay in Mexico. 

Consider a Gastric Sleeve If a Mini Gastric Bypass Isn't Right For You

Like gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery greatly reduces the size of your stomach. This will leave you feeling full after eating less food, and your body will absorb fewer calories. Unlike a gastric bypass, the small intestine is not rerouted during a gastric sleeve. 

Before and after gastric sleeve illustration of reduced stomach area and surgically removed stomach section

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Tijuana Bariatric was so easy and professional to work with from start to finish. The hospital was very clean, the staff were all excellent and my experience was great. I would recommend them to anyone that is interested in Bariatric surgery in Mexico.

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This whole process was amazing! Best experience, everything was smooth, safe, credible and affordable! Only regret is not doing it sooner! The team will forever be recommended by me!

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