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Single Incision Laparoscopic Sleeve (SILS)

Are you struggling to lose weight but are anxious about weight loss surgery?

SILS provides a less invasive way to complete gastric sleeve surgery and help you reach your weight loss goals.

Tijuana Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, offers SILS to patients seeking to lose excess weight without having to deal with multiple scars.

What Is SILS? A Modern Way To Perform
Gastric Sleeve Surgery


SILS is a minimally invasive weight loss surgery technique. The surgeon performs the entire bariatric procedure via a special port placed in one small incision in the belly button. This results in a shorter recovery time, reduced post-operative discomfort, and minimal scarring.

Tijuana Bariatrics Provides Safe and Effective Bariatric Surgery

Tijuana Bariatrics has a network of board-certified bariatric surgeons who provide quality care in a state-of-the-art facility. Choosing Tijuana, Mexico, as the location of your weight loss surgery allows you to undergo safe and effective surgery at a very affordable price

Tijuana, Mexico, is just a 20-minute drive from the San Diego airport making this bariatric practice greatly accessible to patients from the U.S. A bilingual chauffeur will also be provided to get you to and from the airport, hospital, and hotel, which is included in the price of your surgery.

If you are ready to take the next step towards permanent weight loss, contact Tijuana Bariatrics to schedule your free consultation. You can also reach Tijuana Bariatrics by phone.

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"I Had a Top-Notch Experience"


Stacey Barnhart


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I had my gastric sleeve surgery on October 21, 2019. My experience with the whole process of being picked up from the airport, taken to the hotel, my hotel experience, the time at the hospital, and the time after the surgery was exceptional. Everyone who helped me were so helpful and caring - Lanelle (my coordinator), the nurses, and Atallia. I didn’t go in the tour, but Francisco was so kind to call and see how I was feeling. Since my surgery, I have been doing great! I have lost 74 lbs, which I know I wouldn’t have lost without the surgery. I always recommend anyone interested in WLS to have this practice do it.

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Christina Bankuty


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From start to finish, this has already been a fantastic journey! Lanelle was incredibly helpful & patient, and ultimately got me set up for a successful surgery. My stay at CER was absolutely amazing, beautiful facility and friendly staff. Transportation was top notch, Fransisco and team are very flexible and professional! At one month post surgery, I'm feeling great! I haven't had any pain, discomfort, complications, or struggles at all. Highly recommend everyone at TBC!!!

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What To Expect During Your Procedure

Once the incision has been made, the procedure is virtually the same as a traditional gastric sleeve.
One incision in the naval means it is very unlikely people will notice your scar.
One incision in the naval means it is very unlikely people will notice your scar.


You will be given general anesthesia to ensure you stay asleep and comfortable throughout the procedure.

Single Incision

Your bariatric surgeon will access the abdomen through a single incision made in the belly button. 

Laparoscopic Camera

Through the small incision, the laparoscopic camera is inserted to provide the surgeon with a high-definition view of the treatment area.

Stomach Reduction

Once the stomach is reached, your bariatric surgeon will perform the gastric sleeve procedure, eliminating about 80 percent of the stomach. Compared to a gastric bypass, the chances of vitamin deficiencies and "dumping" syndrome from a sleeve gastrectomy are less likely.

Additional Incision

Although unlikely, you could need a second, very small incision for a drain to be inserted. If the drain is needed, the scar will be virtually undetectable. Often patients say it resembles a "scratch."

Weight Loss

People who undergo SILS will still have similar weight-loss effects as patients who had a traditional gastric sleeve procedure. While SILS gives you the tools to lose weight, you need to be committed to a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off.

The Advanced Tool That Makes SILS Possible

SILS port
This advanced device makes it possible to perform effective bariatric surgery using just one incision.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

While pricing varies from state to state, many patients spend more than double for the same procedure in the U.S. Traveling to Tijuana, Mexico, for medical tourism can allow you to save money while still receiving safe, effective, quality care. There are certain factors that can increase the cost of your surgery:

Specialized Technique

This less-invasive technique requires an advanced skill level. Our doctors are among the few surgeons in the region who can perform the procedure. The reduced risk of scarring and complications also provides added value to patients.

Revision Surgery

If this is a revision procedure, it will cost more than primary bariatric surgery. Your total cost can vary greatly depending on the particular initial treatment received.

Before and After Bariatric Surgery

View the gallery to see just how much SILS and other bariatric treatments can change your life.
Before surgery
After surgery

More 5-Star Reviews From Happy Patients


Lisa Shriver


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My surgery was May 14, 2019. I had absolutely no complications. All accommodations including transportation, hotel , hospital stay was excellent!! All hospital staff was very caring and responded to any requests/ concerns immediately! I would 100% recommend to anyone considering weight loss surgery!

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Robert Buderus


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A follow-up from my original posting - post surgery has been great and I've been diligent about lifestyle changes. Almost 6 months later and I am down 92 pounds. Everyone says I look completely different and my activity level has greatly increased. I would say my only downfall has been the need to get new clothes!! I've gone from a 40/42 to 36 and some 34's! I would highly recommend Tijuana Bariatrics as an option for weight loss.

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