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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Are you struggling to lose weight? Have you tried diet and exercise but are still suffering from obesity?

Being overweight can interfere with every aspect of your life. But for many people, diet and exercise simply do not produce results.

Tijuana Bariatrics has a network of weight-loss professionals in Tijuana, Mexico, who offer safe, effective gastric bypass surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Can Result in Long-Term Success

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Join the many patients from around the world who are choosing this bariatric facility in Tijuana, Mexico, to undergo safe, effective, and low-cost weight loss surgery. Whether you are looking for gastric bypass, a gastric sleeve, LAP-BAND®, or other weight-loss options, the network of physicians at Tijuana Bariatrics offers exceptional care without the high cost.

Contact the Tijuana, Mexico, location if you are ready to take the next step towards permanent weight loss.


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5-Star Reviews From Happy Patients


Marti millikin


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The care I received while in the care of the staff was wonderful. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to have bariatric surgery.

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Ashley Bowerman


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The crew were amazing. The whole time they were accommodating, timely and efficient

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What Your Price Includes At Tijuana Bariatrics

Free Consultations

We offer free virtual consultations right from the comfort of your home.

Board-Certified Surgeons

Patients can access high-quality care from board-certified surgeons for a fraction of the cost.

Vacation-Like Amenities

Land in San Diego and be chauffeured to and from the airport, your world-class Marriott Hotel, and the modern, accredited hospital for your treatment.

Medical Tourism Insurance Policy

Our commitment to patients includes a no-cost medical tourism insurance policy.

Treatment Can Also Be Arranged in Monterrey


If you prefer, weight loss surgery can also be arranged at a hospital in Monterrey, Mexico. Contact us to learn more.

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The Gastric Bypass Process

Gastric bypass surgery (also known as Roux-en-Y) is one of the most successful bariatric surgery procedures. It works by dividing the stomach into two separate pouches—an upper pouch and a lower pouch. The smaller pouch is then connected to the lower portion of the small intestine. Finally, the small intestine is rerouted to connect to both pouches.

Minimally Invasive Gastric Bypass Surgery Shorter Recovery, Less Discomfort

The Tijuana Bariatrics network of physicians offers laparoscopic surgery to perform bariatric surgery through several tiny incisions instead of one large single incision, resulting in less discomfort, minimized scarring, and a shorter recovery.

These laparoscopic tools include a special camera so that the bariatric surgeon can clearly view the treatment area on a monitor while resizing the stomach, rerouting the intestines, and suturing the tissue.

Call Tijuana Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, to request your free consultation and learn more about how you can lose weight through this laparoscopic procedure.


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Happy Bariatric Patients From Mexico and Beyond


Roxanne Weppner


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I went to have the Gastric Sleeve 2 weeks ago . I had the best experience . The Doctors ,nurses , lab people and housekeepers  were all professional . The hospital was clean . I was very impressed compared to some hospitals in the states . I would do it again!...

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Kate Aittouati


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...The nurses and doctors where Incredibly kind, yes they didn’t speak much English but Honestly that  wasn’t a barrier for us to Communicate, I will never forget how  tentative and kind they where...

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A Step-By-Step Explanation Of Gastric Bypass Surgery

On average, most patients who choose to undergo gastric bypass surgery coordinated by Tijuana Bariatrics lose 10 to 20 pounds every month for a year.
On average, most patients who choose to undergo gastric bypass surgery coordinated by Tijuana Bariatrics lose 10 to 20 pounds every month for a year.

Free Consultation

The first step is to contact our bariatric surgery office in Tijuana, Mexico, to set up your free virtual consultation. If the doctor determines that you are a candidate, your surgery will be scheduled.

Create Incisions

On the day of your surgery, after you have been made comfortable, your bariatric surgeon will make small incisions so that the laparoscope can be inserted and your doctor can alter the digestive tract.

Divide the Stomach

The stomach is divided into two sections. The smaller upper stomach pouch will now hold less than one cup of food.

Connect the Intestines

The small upper stomach pouch is then connected to the lower portion of the small intestine and incisions are closed.

The Recovery Timeline

It is important to follow the bariatric surgeon's recommendations throughout the recovery period to prevent complications from your Roux-en-Y. If you follow your surgeon's instructions, you can expect:

2-3 Days

Patients typically spend two to three days in the hospital.

Two Weeks

Incisions heal within about two weeks and patients can return to work.

One Month

You can typically begin more strenuous activities after about a month.

Has Better Health Been Just Out of Reach? Tijuana Bariatrics Makes It Possible

Tijuana, Mexico is home to some of the most highly trained and respected bariatric surgeons in the world. With the Tijuana Bariatrics network of doctors, you can get weight loss surgery at a lower cost without sacrificing safety. In addition to the gastric bypass method, they are skilled in various weight loss techniques including gastric sleeve surgery and LAP-BAND.

We can help you overcome the obstacles you face. Take the first step by requesting a free virtual consultation or calling us:

(800) 308-3607

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Gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and LAP-BAND weight loss surgery are among the many options available through Tijuana Bariatrics.

"My Experience was Truly Amazing"


Tara Harral


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From the hotel to the surgery center my experience was truly amazing. The hotel staff was funny and welcoming. The hospital staff was warm and caring.

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Pura Mar


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My experience was incredible, excellent attention Doctor is a very good love surgeon could not be in better hands...

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What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Before undergoing weight loss surgery, you also need to be committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As with every type of weight loss surgery coordinated by Tijuana Bariatrics, gastric bypass surgery only gives you the tools to lose weight; it is up to you to dedicate yourself to leading a healthier life. After the initial recovery period and a commitment to healthy lifestyle changes, patients can expect to achieve lasting, positive results, including:
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Weight Loss in the First Year

With this comprehensive weight-loss approach, most patients will experience a substantial reduction in excess body weight within the first six months of their weight loss surgery.*  After about a year, most patients who follow their post-surgical instructions, including their diet and exercise recommendations, can achieve their goal weight.*

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​Keeping the Weight Off

During the first year or two after your bariatric surgery, diet and exercise changes often come easily. With all the rapid weight loss, patients are often excited about staying healthy by eating right and being active. Once weight loss goals are reached, however, it may be tempting to be less diligent about sticking with healthy diet and exercise habits. To maintain a healthy weight, patients should continue to exercise, keep snacking to a minimum, eat small portions, and have a strong support system that encourages good habits.

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Ongoing Health Benefits

The list of direct and indirect health benefits connected to significant weight loss is long and impressive. Obesity-related conditions that may be resolved after bariatric surgery include sleep apnea, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. Being more active and fit can lead to a better social life, stronger interpersonal relationships, and even improved job performance. Given all the physical and social advantages gastric bypass patients enjoy, it should be no surprise that many of them also report improved mental health and self-esteem.*

More Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most common forms of bariatric surgery performed in Tijuana and the rest of the world because of its safety, efficacy, and impressive success rate. Here are more reasons why this laparoscopic procedure remains a popular choice for patients who need to lose weight:

Hypertension Relief

Essential hypertension is relieved in over 70 percent of patients and medication requirements are greatly reduced.


Hyperlipidemia Reduction

Hyperlipidemia is corrected in over 70 percent of patients.


Obstructive Sleep Apnea Relief

Obstructive sleep apnea can usually be improved with weight loss. As a result, bariatric surgery can relieve OSA and reduce symptoms like snoring.


Diabetes Reduction

Type 2 diabetes may be reduced in some patients, usually leading to normal blood sugar levels without medication, sometimes within days of surgery.


Life Improvements

Through Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, your entire quality of life will improve. Many patients see a reduction in lower back and joint pain, venous thromboembolic disease, gastroesophageal reflux, and have more energy to do the things they enjoy.

An Affordable and Safe Surgery In Tijuana, Mexico

Whether you are looking for gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, LAP-BAND, or another bariatric surgical method for your transformation, Tijuana Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, is happy to answer your questions.

Tijuana Bariatrics offers all-inclusive pricing, state-of-the-art facilities similar to the U.S., and a network of board-certified bariatric surgeons.

Take the next step towards weight loss. Contact Tijuana Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, today to schedule your free consultation.


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"The Entire Experience Was Flawless"


Aprille Torkelson


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The entire experience was flawless. From the first time I spoke with Martha, the patient coordinator to boarding the plane to come home was perfect...

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Shellie Snow


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The hospital was clean and well supplied. The staff, nurses, and doctors were all exceptional! The hotel was beautiful and the staff wonderful. Great experience!

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Why Choose Tijuana, Mexico For Your Bariatric Surgery?

World-Class Facilities

Your surgery is performed in a state-of-the-art hospital that is equipped with tools and technology that meet the same strict standards as hospitals in the United States.

Board-Certified Bariatric Surgeons

You'll receive care from board-certified doctors and a dedicated medical staff. Patients receive continuous post-operative medical care in a private hospital room.

Complimentary Medical Tourism Insurance Policy

Our commitment to patients includes a no-cost medical tourism insurance policy as well as access to nutritional counseling services.

Safe and Effective Care

The care Tijuana Bariactrics provides patients extends beyond the operating room. The bilingual staff wants to ensure you are taken care of during your entire visit, which is why they provide transportation to and from the airport, hotel, and hospital.

Flexible Financing Budget-Friendly Options

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Why is the stomach resized?

In the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure, the resizing of your stomach and rerouting to your small intestine is designed to limit your food consumption and caloric absorption. The smaller stomach pouch limits the amount of food you can consume before feeling full.

How long does recovery take?

Typically, it takes about three to five weeks to fully recover from Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. 

Is a gastric bypass safe?

For most patients, yes. Gastric bypass can produce rapid weight loss with minimal side effects, and less than two percent of patients experience complications from surgery.

Why should I travel to Mexico for weight loss surgery?

When you travel to Mexico for weight loss surgery, you can get world-class care at an affordable cost. As part of the cost of your package, Tijuana Bariatrics will oversee all aspects of your accommodations and on-ground travel arrangements. You will stay at the beautiful Marriott Hotel in Tijuana which is accustomed to catering to the needs of international travelers. The locations of both the hotel and the hospital are in prosperous neighborhoods that are known for their peacefulness and safety.

What's the difference between gastric sleeve and gastric bypass?

Both gastric sleeve and gastric bypass create a smaller stomach pouch to restrict the amount of food you are able to consume. However, in a gastric sleeve, there is no rerouting of the small intestine. While both gastric sleeve and gastric bypass are effective bariatric surgeries, gastric sleeve surgery only restricts the amount of food you consume, not the caloric absorption from the shortened small intestine. 

More 5-Star Reviews!


Clark Family


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I’m so thankful for Tijuana Bariatrics. I have a whole new life!!!! The care was wonderful while in Mexico. The hotel and hospital were very nice and nurses were attentive and communicated well. I had a great experience.

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Sarah P


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The Team at Tijuana Bariatric Center are top notch. The communication throughout the entire process leading up to my travel, transportation to and from the airport and hotel, hotel accommodations and staff, and the amazing staff working for Tijuana Bariatrics Center that took care of everything along the way. 

Florence Hospital

Tijuana Bariatrics

The network of physicians coordinating with Tijuana Bariatrics performs a wide range of services, including bariatric surgery. By choosing Tijuana Bariatrics, you can experience safe care from a board-certified surgeon in luxury accommodations.

For more information, fill out this online form or call (800) 308-3607 today.

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