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If a gastric sleeve fails to provide weight loss results, a revision surgery can convert it into a gastric bypass. Our surgeons discuss the potential…

Fernando Garcia May 17, 2019

At Tijuana Bariatrics, our doctors discuss gastric sleeve revision for a stretched stomach, and explore potential treatment options.

Tijuana Bariatrics Dec 28, 2017

Will the stomach stretch after gastric sleeve surgery? We'll explore this question and more in this blog post.

Tijuana Bariatrics May 19, 2017

Single Incision Laparoscopic Sleeve (SILS) is a type of sleeve gastrectomy that goes through the belly button, hiding all post-surgical scarring.

Tijuana Bariatrics Dec 17, 2016

Laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery is less invasive and generally superior to a traditional sleeve gastrectomy procedure.

Tijuana Bariatrics Jan 19, 2016

Both gastric sleeve and duodenal switch surgery are great options to consider for surgical weight loss. Let's compare them.

Tijuana Bariatrics Dec 28, 2015

Gastric sleeve and gastric plication are viable options for surgical weight loss. Let's compare these bariatric surgery procedures.

Tijuana Bariatrics Dec 24, 2015

Gastric sleeve and mini gastric bypass are both good weight loss surgery options. Meet with a bariatric surgeon to learn more.

Tijuana Bariatrics Dec 20, 2015

Both gastric band and sleeve gastrectomy are viable weight loss surgery options. Let's compare the two.

Tijuana Bariatrics Dec 16, 2015

Changes to your digestive tract during gastric sleeve and bariatric can mean certain kinds of medications should be avoided.

Tijuana Bariatrics Oct 29, 2015

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Dr. Garcia is awesome. I chose bariatrics vertical sleeve surgery. I've lost 85 lbs. since January 2017. No complications... I regret not doing this years ago. Debbie M.

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