Comparing Weight Loss Results: Gastric Bypass vs. Gastric Sleeve By info on December 15, 2023

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Being significantly overweight is a health concern that can increase the risk of many illnesses and diseases. Unfortunately, losing weight is not easy, especially if extra pounds make it difficult to lead an active lifestyle. Medically obese individuals who are unable to achieve sustainable weight loss results should consider bariatric surgery.

Patients at Tijuana Bariatrics in Mexico, can consider several weight loss surgery techniques to encourage rapid and sustained weight loss. Often, when deciding which technique is preferred, patients ask about weight loss results. Here, we compare weight loss results for gastric bypass vs. gastric sleeve, two weight loss surgeries with a proven record of safety and success.

Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Results

Gastric bypass reduces the stomach’s size and reroutes the digestive tract to reduce appetite, limit the stomach’s capacity, and decrease the calories absorbed by the body. Patients typically experience significant weight loss in the weeks immediately following treatment. During the first two to three months of gastric bypass recovery, patients can lose as much as five to 15 pounds per week. On average, gastric bypass patients lose approximately 25 to 35 percent of their excess weight during the first three months after surgery.

After the first three months of gastric bypass recovery, the rate of weight loss decreases a bit. Typically, between three and six months post-surgery, patients lose between one and two pounds a week. At the end of the sixth month, most patients have lost around 45 percent of their excess weight.

Final Weight Loss Outcomes

Although the rate of weight loss continues to slow six months after treatment, our Tijuna patients should continue to gradually shed pounds. Many people are close to their target weight by a year after surgery, while some reach their goal within 18 months. In total, the average amount of weight loss from a gastric sleeve procedure is 50 to 80 percent of excess body weight.

Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Results

Gastric sleeve surgery promotes weight loss by reducing the stomach’s size by around 75 to 85 percent. The procedure does not alter the digestive tract but still offers successful results.

As with gastric bypass, weight loss following a gastric sleeve procedure is greatest during the first two to three months after surgery. During this initial recovery period, patients lose around five pounds a week on average, with most shedding around 33 percent of their excess weight within three months.

Although the rate of weight loss tends to decrease after the first three months, it should remain steady. Three to six months after surgery, patients generally lose around one to two pounds a week. At six months post-gastric sleeve, the average patient has lost 50 to 55 percent of their excess weight.

Final Weight Loss Outcomes

Long-term weight loss results from gastric sleeve surgery are very similar to those of gastric bypass. Between 12 and 18 months after their procedure, most patients have lost between 60 and 70 percent of their excess body weight.

Factors That Affect Weight Loss Results

It is important to note that the figures discussed here are averages. Many factors affect weight loss results and the long-term success of bariatric surgery. Some of the factors that have the greatest impact on weight loss after gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery include:

  • The patient’s weight at the time of treatment
  • The amount of weight a patient has to lose
  • The patient’s overall general health
  • The patient’s age
  • The patient’s lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise habits

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