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Nutritional Deficiencies After Bariatric Surgery and How to Avoid Them

April 30, 2016 — by Fernando Garcia
Tags: Diet Bariatric Surgery

After bariatric surgery, some patients may experience nutritional deficiencies as they adjust to their diet. Here's how to address them.

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Hot or Cold: Body Temperature Changes After Bariatric Surgery

April 25, 2016 — by Fernando Garcia
Tags: Bariatric Surgery

After undergoing bariatric surgery, some patients report changes in body temperature. Let's explore why people experience these fluctuations.

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How to Prevent Complications and Reduce Side Effects After Bariatric Surgery

April 20, 2016 — by Fernando Garcia
Tags: Bariatric Surgery

There are many ways to reduce side effects and prevent complications after bariatric surgery. Let's share some tips.

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Weighing the Numbers: United States Obesity Statistics

April 16, 2016 — by Fernando Garcia
Tags: Obesity

Obesity is a serious health issue in the United States, and these statistics have startling number about weight and wellness in America.

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