Hot or Cold: Body Temperature Changes After Bariatric Surgery By info on April 25, 2016

A couple jogging togetherUndergoing bariatric surgery means experiencing a number of changes to your life and your lifestyle. Some of these are expected: losing weight, getting slimmer, experiencing better general health. Others are unexpected but thankfully manageable. The entire team at our Tijuana weight loss surgery practice understand these issues, which is why we always take time to go over bariatric surgery side effects and how to deal with them.

One example of the unexpected but manageable is change in body temperature. In particular, some people feel cold more often, or experience fluctuations in their body temperature. Let's explore these matters in more detail right now.

Cold Intolerance

Some people generally feel colder than others. This doesn't always have to do with body weight either, necessarily. If you often feel colder and need a sweater or jacket, you might have a condition known as cold intolerance. There are many different causes of this, including thyroid problems, issues with blood vessels, and so forth.

Cold intolerance has also be linked to changes in body fat, resulting in problems regulating body heat.

Feeling Cold Due to Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss results in the loss of body fat, which obviously impacts the way that a person is insulated from cooler temperatures. During rapid weight loss, a person's metabolism slows down as well, which can similarly cause issues with overall body temperature.

Anemia May Also Contribute to Cold Issues

After undergoing a gastric bypass or other kinds of weight loss procedures, it's not uncommon for patients to experience anemia. Anemia is deficiency in red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood, which causes fatigue and may also contribute to cold intolerance.

The reason it may occur in some weight loss surgery patients is an iron deficiency. If the person's diet is low in iron or they have have undergone a malabsorptive surgery that reduces calorie absorption during digestion, it may be difficult to get all of the iron a person needs.

Feeling Hotter Than Usual

While the vast majority of patients feel colder than usual, some patients have reported feeling hotter than usual. Again, this is typically your body's response to major changes in weight and fat storage.

Are These Cold and Hot Sensations Permanent?

Not necessarily. While a number of patients do report fluctuations in body temperature, they do notice these issues abate as their body weight stabilizes, which is usually after 18 to 24 months. It can be frustrating, but the human body is good at adapting to change.

Options for Addressing These Problems

When it comes to addressing cold intolerance, the best option typically involves addressing the root cause in a sensible way.

For anemia and issues with iron deficiency, eating a healthier diet or taking iron supplements tends to be the best option to consider. We can discuss how to get the most ideal diet for various nutritional deficiencies during the surgical consultation process.

Sometimes it may be necessary to carry a sweater or jacket with you more often, at least until the changes in body temperature even out a bit more.

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