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Many people struggle to take control of their weight. Excess weight can interfere with physical activities and increase the risk of certain health problems. Individuals who are medically obese and have struggled to achieve sustained weight loss results through diet and exercise are likely ideal candidates for bariatric surgery.

At Tijuana Bariatrics in Mexico, our surgeons offer several bariatric surgery techniques. Here, we discuss the safest and most minimally invasive weight loss surgery options that encourage rapid and significant weight loss to improve a person’s overall health and self-confidence.

Gastric Sleeve (VSG Surgery)

Gastric sleeve surgery, or vertical sleeve gastrectomy, is widely considered one of the safest bariatric surgery procedures. This weight loss surgery technique promotes weight loss by removing a large segment of the stomach.

The procedure is performed laparoscopically, so it only requires a small incision. Surgical instruments and a tiny camera are inserted through the incision. Using imaging from the camera, the surgeon removes roughly 85 percent of the stomach. A long narrow portion of the stomach remains, giving it a “sleeve” appearance.

What Makes Gastric Sleeve So Safe

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the safest weight loss options because it is a straightforward procedure. The surgery does not require rerouting of the intestinal system, so it is simpler than gastric bypass surgery. No devices are placed during the surgery, as there is during a LAP-BAND procedure, so there is minimal risk of infection or other surgical complications. Finally, patients tend to experience fewer food intolerances with gastric sleeve surgery than they do with other weight loss procedures.

Mini Gastric Bypass

Many patients who come to our Tijuana clinic for weight loss surgery wish to avoid gastric bypass because they worry about the invasiveness of the procedure and the potential of surgical complications. Mini gastric bypass is a minimally invasive alternative to gastric bypass. The technique offers comparable weight loss results through a faster, simpler, and safer surgery.

Mini gastric bypass is a two-step surgery. During the first step of treatment, surgeons reduce the size of the stomach. Using a small incision, laparoscopic surgical tools, and a laparoscopic stapler, the stomach’s capacity is reduced by about 75 percent. After alterations, it resembles a long, thin tube (similar to the results of gastric sleeve surgery). During the second stage of surgery, the new stomach is attached to the small intestines, bypassing the upper portion of the small intestine.

What Makes Mini Gastric Bypass So Safe

Mini gastric bypass reduces appetite and limits food and calorie intake to promote fast and effective weight loss. While the surgery offers similar results to a traditional gastric bypass, it is safer and less invasive. A mini gastric bypass is completed in about an hour (as opposed to the four hours it takes for a gastric bypass), and it has a significantly lower risk of surgical complications (2.9 percent compared to 7 percent for a gastric bypass).

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