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"It has been the best decision of our lives," said a couple who decided to start a weight loss process through Tijuana medical tourism. Countless others who've experienced the wonders of bariatric surgery echo the same sentiment – this choice, one that knows no regret, leaves them wishing they'd embraced it sooner, relishing the remarkable enhancements in their quality of life. 

Some bariatric patients wonder: what results await those who dare to start a fantastic weight loss journey through bariatric surgery in Mexico? Fear not, for we unveil the secrets of safety and beyond, unraveling the tapestry of possibilities awaiting those with dreams of a healthier, happier tomorrow!

Tijuana Medical tourism: a safe and successful option for bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery, also known as weight loss surgery, is a set of surgical techniques that achieve weight loss quickly and safely. They are generally recommended for people suffering from overweight, severe obesity, and even morbid obesity who have tried other methods without success. Through them, thousands of former obese patients have managed to acquire a new healthy lifestyle through Tijuana medical tourism to lose their excess body weight which provokes various chronic diseases. 

But why should you travel abroad for medical care? Here are some common obstacles that many encounter if they wish to undergo bariatric surgery in their home countries: 

  • Health insurance does not cover the cost of bariatric surgery

  • Consultations with bariatric surgeons are costly and not included

  • Long waiting lists and slow follow-up of chronic conditions

  • Few options to undergo weight loss surgery promptly

  • Not included medical services, medication, and hospitalization unaffordable

  • Bariatric surgery is not considered a health issue but rather a cosmetic one

Why choose Tijuana medical tourism for weight loss surgery

Traveling to another country for weight loss surgery can pose several uncertainties. Is it safe? Is it reliable? What about the language? These are just some of the most common questions you may have. And rightly so, since a weight loss process through a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery, takes about a year. So, is it worth it to choose weight loss surgery in Mexico?

These are 5 great benefits of choosing your bariatric surgery in Mexico: 


Currently, Tijuana medical tourism has become a bridge that connects patients with bariatric medical services of excellence. It is for this reason that personalized attention is provided throughout the process. From the contact with the bariatric surgeon to the arrival at Tijuana or San Diego and your stay in Mexico. 


In addition, most of the staff involved in both coordination and medical service are bilingual. So that all patients can receive clear information, resolve their doubts, and know the details of the process. This makes them feel comfortable and safe at all times. 



The cost of weight loss surgery in Mexico is certainly significantly more affordable than in five-star medical centers in the US. In some cases, it represents a saving that can range from 50% to 80% of total expenses compared to equally top-quality medical services.


This happens for at least 2 important reasons. The first is each country's health system and insurance. And the second has to do with the value that is acquired with the currency exchange. That is, you can have access to just as good or even better medical services by paying a fraction of the same procedure. 



What about the quality of medical care and service? Should a lower cost mean lower quality? Of course not! Tijuana medical tourism can give you the best opportunities for a weight loss procedure that adheres to the best international standards. Moreover, the accommodation and hospitals comply with high standards of hygiene and safety. 


At Tijuana Bariatrics we are proud to have first-class facilities with various international certifications. In addition, by having a fast response time, patients have greater opportunities to start their weight loss journey as soon as possible and enjoy fantastic health benefits.



Bariatric surgeons are board-certified professionals with extensive experience and thousands of successful weight loss procedures. On the other hand, those who collaborate along with them are also highly trained and specialized health professionals in the bariatric area. These factors provide patients with greater guarantees of successful results and better guidance throughout the process. 


Thus, success is the sum of several joint efforts. For this reason, every weight loss process involves other specialists who provide vital support for patients. Both the medical and nursing team and our in-service bariatric nutritionist offer invaluable support. 



Naturally, bariatric surgery is just the beginning of a new healthy lifestyle. Therefore, patients require post-op support, and ongoing guidance to face obstacles or possible complications. It is for this reason that even at a distance, patients require effective medical follow-up.


For this purpose, we have top-rated follow-up doctors available to address the needs of bariatric patients not only during the first days but also in the following weeks and months. The follow-up physician is responsible for making reminders of periodic examinations, evaluating the progress of patients, and helping them reach their final goal. 


Tijuana medical tourism – A simple, safe, and successful process 

Safety is one of the most important aspects when it comes to your weight loss journey with Tijuana Bariatrics. The reality is that wherever we travel there are always risks to consider, but this can be a bigger issue when we travel abroad for the first time or do not know a place. 

For this reason, choosing medical tourism in Tijuana offers unique advantages. For example, from the moment you arrive, we provide all ground transportation, 24-hour contact, first-class accommodation, and other unique services to keep you happy and safe. This way bariatric patients can just enjoy high-quality medical care. 


Tijuana medical tourism: more than a surgery, it is an experience.

Now, the reality is that the big decisions are the ones that cost us the most since they can change the course of our lives. And of course, weight loss surgery has proven time and time again that it marks a before and after in people's lives. Becoming the most effective way to lose weight and reverse the effects of obesity on quality of life. 

But this change of life does not have to be a process full of uncertainty, rather, the Tijuana medical tourism has the objective of turning this treatment into an enriching experience. By offering you all the medical, physical, and emotional tools you have even more chances of reaching your goal successfully. Would you like to receive a consultation guided by a specialist? Do not hesitate to contact us by phone (800) 303 3607. This can also be one of the best decisions of your life.

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