An Ideal Destination for Bariatric Surgery

Less than 25 minutes from San Diego, California, you will find beautiful Tijuana, Mexico. Conveniently located just across the border between the United States and Mexico, Tijuana is the ideal destination for your bariatric surgery. If you are interested in combining luxury with weight loss, then medical tourism at an advanced surgical center in Tijuana may be right for you. 

(Medical Tourism Insurance - *Up to $3,000 is NOW Included in ALL Surgery Packages) 

*Note: Medical Tourism Insurance approval for every patient will be treated on an individual basis. For more information regarding coverage, Click Here

Free Medical Tourism Accommodations

Patient coordinator Karen Peon explains the details of medical tourism insurance coverage. It is important that patients understand what the insurance does and does not cover, age limits, the time frame of coverage, and other details. The specifics depend on the type of surgery the patient is receiving, and will be discussed in great detail between the patient, coordinator, and doctor to ensure that everyone understands the scope of coverage.

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Choosing Tijuana

Elderly man giving a brunette female a piggy-back-ride while on a trip for medical tourism.The exotic feel of the land is accentuated by luxurious hotels, picturesque restaurants, extravagant nightlife, immaculate beaches, and majestic mountains. Tijuana is known for its industrial community, geography, culture, convenience, and history, making it one of the most popular Spanish influenced cities in Mexico. Nearly 50 million people across the San Diego-Tijuana border each year, making the region the busiest land-border crossing in the world. As one of the most desirable medical tourism destinations in the world, Tijuana has a wide range of attractions that are sure to engage any type of traveler.

Affordable, Comprehensive Care

Tijuana Bariatrics' network of physicians works out of Hospital CER's surgical facility, which is equipped with the latest technology and meets the same rigorous standards as U.S. hospitals. The experienced team at Tijuana Bariatrics can provide you with a wide spectrum of services that are cost-effective. These weight loss services are extremely safe and more affordable compared to bariatric surgery centers located in the United States. Because the cost of living in Tijuana is lower, you won't have to empty your wallet to cover your medical and lodging expenses. In addition, you will stay several nights at the comfortable Marriott Hotel during your recovery, be chauffeured to and from the facilities and the San Diego International Airport, and receive medical treatment and care for less than you would pay in America for treatment alone.

All-Inclusive Service

From the moment you land in sunny San Diego, California, all of your needs will be met with eagerness and respect. One of several courteous drivers will meet you at the city's international airport to accompany you on your journey toward losing weight and regaining your health and confidence. Because the San Diego's airport is international, you can conveniently travel to the facility from anywhere in the world. Because you will be commuting to and from Tijuana, Mexico, you will be required to have a passport. What is required prior to administering treatment is valid identification, signed consent form, and clearance from your licensed doctor if it is determined by your surgeon that you have a medical condition that would increase your risk during surgery.

What to Expect

On the day of your treatment, you will be advised to arrive at the hospital with an empty stomach. The staff will perform several routine tests and lab work, checking for irregularities prior to clearing you for treatment. Following your evaluation, you will meet with your surgeon, some of Tijuana's most acclaimed bariatric doctors, to discuss your concerns, raise any questions that you might have, and undertake a final examination before your surgery. Once you have been discharged from the hospital, the staff will transport you back to the Marriott Hotel to facilitate your recovery. There, you will be cared for by experienced medical staff.

Communicating Home

Not only will you be able to enjoy the sun and sand of pristine Tijuana, Mexico, but you will also be able to transition from surgery to recovery in the comfort of the upscale Marriott Hotel. To make your stay more comfortable, the doctors and staff are fluent in English. Because Dr. Garcia believes in the importance of communication, they emphasize their team's ability to relate to patients in addition to properly caring for and sympathizing with them. Every physician and patient coordinator is committed to fulfilling your needs while hopefully exceeding your expectations.

The hospital has working Internet, and all calls to the United States and Canada can be made free of charge.

Learn More about Medical Tourism from Tijuana Bariatrics Today!

Dr. Fernando Garcia and the medical tourism team at Tijuana Bariatrics, encourage and transform the lives of patients who want to get their weight under control and restore their health. If you are obese and are interested in visiting a spectacular and stimulating region of the world while undergoing weight loss treatment and recovering in the well-appointed Marriott Hotel, contact the bariatric surgery practice of Dr. Fernando Garcia today! Patients are encouraged to learn more about the forms of bariatric surgery and medical weight loss offered, as well as get to know the experienced staff at Tijuana Bariatrics and the commitment they have in providing you with exceptional service.

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Dr. Garcia is awesome. I chose bariatrics vertical sleeve surgery. I've lost 85 lbs. since January 2017. No complications... I regret not doing this years ago. Debbie M.

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