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Woman smiling at doctorSometimes diet and exercise just don’t solve weight issues, especially if you need to lose a good number of pounds. If you’ve struggled with your weight for years and you’re still fighting the battle, consider gastric bypass surgery or mini gastric bypass to finally achieve the target weight you’ve been unable to reach on your own. 

Tijuana Bariatrics, LLC, with offices in Tijuana and Monterrey, Mexico, coordinates a variety of safe, effective treatments to improve your quality of life and end your obesity struggles. If you want to learn more about gastric bypass and mini gastric bypass procedures, continue reading about the most important differences between the two most common types of weight loss surgery.

Differences at a Glance

Typically, the mini gastric bypass and traditional bypass have similar results. Both reduce the body’s ability to feel hungry and to store food, so the patient eats less. That being said, the procedures are not necessarily equal. Here are the major distinctions between gastric bypass and mini gastric bypass surgeries that you should consider.  

  • Surgical complications are more common after traditional gastric bypass. Because it requires more intestinal rerouting than mini gastric bypass, traditional gastric bypass has a 7% complication rate, while mini gastric bypass carries a 2.7% risk of complications
  • Mini gastric bypass is less invasive. Generally, it requires only four incisions and less time in the operating room than traditional gastric bypass surgery. 

Despite their differences, both surgical procedures have proven to be safe, effective ways to lose substantial weight and keep it off.

Comparing Surgical Complication Rates

The traditional surgery requires the surgeon to divide the stomach into an upper and lower pouch, then connect the small intestine to both pouches. In the mini version, there’s much less intestinal rerouting, meaning a decreased chance of surgical issues during or after the procedure. In other words, a mini bypass might is quicker to perform and often requires fewer incisions. Patients tend to spend less time experiencing discomfort and have reduced recovery length. 

Availability & Insurance Coverage

Because of the newness of mini gastric bypass surgery, it has less statistical data available than traditional gastric bypass. For this reason, not all bariatric surgeons will perform mini gastric bypass.

Patients with GERD or chronic acid reflux generally opt for full gastric bypass to treat that condition. Aside from those cases, you should note that not every surgeon has the necessary laparoscopic expertise to perform mini gastric bypass surgeries, another element that contributes to the popularity of the traditional method. Insurance often won’t cover the cost of mini gastric bypass, which tends to be the more expensive of the two options.

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