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A healthy single incision laparoscopic sleeve meal of salmon and vegetablesSingle incision laparoscopic sleeve (SILS) surgery is an effective, minimally invasive treatment option that can help those who struggle with obesity achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle. Diet is a key factor in the success of SILS. Patients will need to make certain dietary changes after SILS not only to facilitate weight loss but also to ensure proper healing and help the stomach readjust to solid foods.

At Tijuana Bariatrics, we advise patients on diet after single incision laparoscopic sleeve during consultations at our Tijuana, Mexico bariatric center. With that said, the following is a brief summary of a general post-SILS diet.

Phase One

The post-SILS diet can be broken up into four phases, with each phase lasting about a week. During phase one, patients should stick to clear liquids to avoid irritating the stomach or causing it to stretch as it heals. Clear liquids include water and broth, such as chicken broth or beef broth. It's important to look for low sodium options when adding broth to your diet as sodium can cause water retention and increase swelling after surgery. In addition to water and broths, plain gelatin or sugar-free gelatin may also be eaten when on a clear diet. Avoid carbonated beverages, which can cause gas buildup within the stomach, and limit caffeinated coffees and teas as these can cause dehydration.

Phase Two

About a week after surgery, most patients will be recovered enough to begin to add pureed foods to their diet. Foods should be well pureed, free of lumps or chunks, much like baby food. Foods should be low in sodium, sugars, and fats. Fruits and vegetables are generally good pureeing options. Consider thinning purees with almond milk, broth, or low sugar juice to create a creamier, more easily digested consistency. Lean meats may be eaten at this time provided that they are well pureed. Patients should also eat slowly and thoroughly chew foods, even though pureed. 

Phase Three

By about three weeks after SILS surgery, patients may be able to gradually replace pureed foods with soft foods. Well-cooked vegetables, such as carrots, turnips, or beets, are often a good start, but again, salts should be monitored, as should fats and sugars. Patients should also avoid fried foods and foods high in carbs, such as cakes and cookies. Soft proteins, such as salmon, scrambled eggs, or tofu, may also be incorporated into daily meals at this time. As with pureed foods, patients should eat slowly and chew food well to help ease stomach digestion.

Phase Four and Beyond

After four weeks of recovery, many patients are recovered enough to reintroduce solid foods into their diet. When adding solid foods, it is important to do so slowly and in small amounts at a given time. As solids are reintroduced, it is important for patients to understand that dietary changes require a lifelong commitment to maintain a healthy weight.

Patients should stick to foods that are low in fat, low in carbohydrates, low in sugar, and high in fiber and protein. This includes lean meats, like chicken breast and fish, leafy green vegetables, and whole grains. Fried foods, sweets, and fatty meats and dairy should be avoided during phase four and limited for life.

Learn More about Single Incision Laparoscopic Sleeve Surgery

Following a diet plan after SILS helps patients through recovery while helping to get their weight loss journey off to a positive start. For more information about SILS, or other weight loss options, please schedule a consultation at Tijuana Bariatrics.

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