Gastric Sleeve Success Stories - Removing All Obstacles in Your Weight By info on November 15, 2023

Extreme diets, food supplements, exercise routines ... have you tried everything to lose weight and have not achieved the desired results? Despite various attempts, if you are overweight or obese, it can be extremely easy to regain any weight you might have lost, and almost impossible to lose all your excess body weight. Fortunately, gastric sleeve surgery has become one of the best tools and methods to reverse obesity resulting in incredible gastric sleeve success stories. 

In this article, we analyze some of these triumphant cases and gastric sleeve testimonials and three of the common obstacles faced by those who are overweight or obese. But we will also see how these patients have managed to reach an incredibly healthy weight despite some difficulties. Of course, situations and circumstances can vary, so before deciding on weight loss surgery it is crucial to consult with bariatric experts to enjoy a greater guarantee of success and learn effective weight loss surgery solutions, including gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve in Mexico.

  • Is bariatric surgery the easy path?

  • What if weight loss surgery doesn't work?

  • Maybe I'm too old for bariatric surgery

  • Become one of the best gastric sleeve success stories!


Gastric sleeve success stories: "Is bariatric surgery in Mexico the easy path?"

"You're going to take the easy way out", "you are lacking willpower", and "you can't do it alone"... These are some of the comments from people that may prevent many from trying to lose weight through bariatric surgery. Many have the idea that this is an alternative only for those who do not want to put forth a significant effort. And like a woman named Sarah, many have a hard time overcoming what others may or may not think about their decisions. However, in 2016 at 310 pounds, she finally decided to undergo weight loss surgery in Mexico. 

By that time, she had 2 young children and realized that obesity prevented her from enjoying them to the fullest. Thanks to bariatric surgery in Mexico, in just 16 months Sarah was able to reach her ideal weight. And to her surprise, the people around her fully supported her weight loss surgery decision and process. They even made plans so that every time they met, she would have the right foods to follow her eating plan. Currently, with the support of family, friends, and her follow-up doctor, she has been able to maintain her weight of 150 pounds!


Gastric sleeve success stories: What if weight loss surgery doesn't work?

After choosing several unsuccessful weight loss methods some people have a fear of failing again and prefer simply not to try. However, in most cases, those attempts were without any medical supervision. On the other hand, bariatric surgery in Mexico is a highly effective method since in addition to the procedure itself, the weight loss process is guided by specialists such as your bariatric surgeon, bariatric nutritionist, support groups, and a follow-up doctor. 

However, is it possible that gastric sleeve surgery does not work? Sure, there is, although this probability is really low because only 17% of cases require a second surgery, also called revision surgery to obtain the desired weight loss results. The reason? They did not get the best bariatric team to support them, or they failed to adhere to the follow-up guidelines. Take the case of Venita McClair, who, at age 21, after the birth of her first child, began to gain weight until she reached 306 pounds. Thus, she decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery. 

At first, she was delighted because she lost almost 100 pounds. However, after two years she could not maintain this weight. Although she admits that there were some aspects she neglected, she did not give up and decided to undergo bariatric revision surgery that can correct or modify the first procedure. Thanks to her wise and brave decision, she has lost more than 130 pounds, that is, she went from being a size 22 to a size 6! While it is true that not all weight loss journeys are free of obstacles, we cannot deny that this is undoubtedly one of the best gastric sleeve success stories.


Gastric sleeve success stories: “Maybe I'm too old to try”

Do you think you are no longer old enough to undergo bariatric surgery and simply have to accept your reality? Unfortunately, both young and old have come to believe that obesity is a condition which they have to live with for the rest of their lives, even when it poses high health risks. However, you should know that, regardless of age, treating obesity can help you reverse health problems such as diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and other diseases that reduce your quality of life.

Consider the case of James Reid, a man who, weighing 378 pounds and being 64 years old, decided to undergo bariatric surgery. Motivated by his brother Jay Reid, who not only lost excess weight through gastric bypass surgery but was also able to quit smoking, reduced his health problems and even survived COVID thanks to having acquired a healthier lifestyle. Similarly, James has been able to lose 110 pounds in just 9 months! He is convinced that bariatric surgery has helped him turn back the time by at least 10 years! 


Become one of the best gastric sleeve success stories!

While it is true that obesity is a condition that affects millions of people around the world, it does not have to be permanent. Bariatric surgery in Mexico is an excellent tool for those who have both the desire and determination to make a change in their lifestyle. Even those cases of morbid obesity that have managed to lose weight and reverse the adverse effects that come along with obesity have been successful in the long run. However, you don't have to fight alone in your weight loss journey.

With the help of the best bariatric specialists in Mexico, you can have a FREE virtual consultation, an accurate diagnosis, discover the causes that prevent you from losing weight effectively, how to break unhealthy habits and choose the best weight loss surgery method. Contact one of the best bariatric experts in Mexico by submitting this quick form or emailing us at or calling toll-free at (877) 613 - 2187. Clear all your doubts and concerns about bariatric procedures and take the first step to start your weight loss journey and become one of the best gastric sleeve success stories and be an inspiration to motivate others to improve their quality of life tremendously!

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