Protein After Bariatric Surgery: Why it’s Essential By Tijuana Bariatrics on April 08, 2023

doctor writing on a notepad next to a bowl of vegetablesBariatric surgery can be a life-changing procedure that improves your health, appearance, and overall quality of life. After undergoing such a transformative surgery, you want to maximize your benefits. A protein-rich diet can help support your recovery and lead to lasting results.

Protein after bariatric surgery is an essential part of the healing process. At Tijuana Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, we continue supporting you after your procedure with personalized nutrition plans that emphasize protein and facilitate a quick and safe recovery. 

Why Is Protein Essential After Bariatric Surgery?

Protein is a vital nutrient that helps our bodies heal and should be in every meal following bariatric surgery. 

A protein-rich diet after bariatric surgery can help you:


Protein is a nutrient known for its ability to help your body repair its cells, and after surgery, it can facilitate wound healing.


Protein is a powerful nutrient that can help balance hormones and enzymes and boost immune system antibodies to keep your body healthy and functioning during recovery.

Burn Fat

Protein supports weight loss in several ways. It helps your body burn fat instead of muscle, keeps you fuller longer, and aids metabolism allowing you to burn more calories.


Not only does protein help us build and strengthen muscles, but it also helps keep our hair, skin, and nails strong. Patients lacking protein may notice a loss of hair and weak nails after about six months of recovery. 

Nutrient-Rich Meals Are Crucial

Because bariatric surgery reduces the size of your stomach and the amount of food you can consume, the nutritional value of each meal is vitally important. Meals full of healthy nutrients like protein are what help allow your body to heal and maintain results after surgery. 

Protein is the most vital nutrient after bariatric surgery and should be consumed first at each meal. Eating other food groups before the protein portion could make you too full and, over time, leave you protein deficient.

How Tijuana Bariatrics Helps You Stay Healthy and On Track

At Tijuana Bariatrics, your care doesn’t stop after surgery. We take pride in helping our patients reach their full weight loss potential. 

Our Tijuana, Mexico, practice matches patients with a dietician who creates personalized nutrition plans to help them recover following their bariatric surgery. By following their meal plans and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can lose weight and keep it off. 

How Much Protein Should You Consume After Bariatric Surgery?

The amount of daily protein varies from patient to patient. Our Tijuana-based dieticians can help determine the best amount for you. However, most patients can expect to have a goal of 60-80 grams of protein at each meal to help minimize muscle loss and keep their bodies healthy.

Are You Considering Bariatric Surgery?

Tijuana Bariatrics has helped change countless lives of patients from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and beyond. Our support for our patients before, during, and after surgery helps them lose weight and keep it off for years.

Contact our Tijuana, Mexico, practice if you’re ready to take the first step toward a healthier future. Our bilingual staff is available to answer any questions and start you on your weight loss journey. Call (664) 167-7290 today for more information. 

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