LAP-BAND Slippage: Signs and Symptoms By info on January 23, 2022

A 3D rendering of the gastrointestinal tract highlighted in red, indicating LAP-BAND slippageMedical professionals often recommend adjustable gastric band surgery–like LAP-BAND® surgery–to help patients gain control over their weight. Using an inflatable silicone ring, a skilled bariatric surgeon laparoscopically places the ring on the upper portion of the stomach. The result is limited caloric intake that leads to significant weight loss. 

Working with Tijuana Bariatrics, our network of highly skilled surgeons has years of training and expertise that set them apart from their peers in Tijuana, Mexico. But, while LAP-BAND surgery only has a 0.1% mortality rate, this effective procedure is not without its risks.

That’s why the Tijuana Bariatrics team is here to explain the signs and symptoms of LAP-BAND slippage. Knowing and spotting the signs early could save your health.

What Is a LAP-BAND Slip?

LAP-BAND slippage occurs when the stomach below the band shifts or slips upward. This shift restricts or blocks the flow of food and beverages through the stomach. LAP-BAND slippage is very rare, as only two to three percent of all LAP-BAND patients experience slippage. 

Even though slippage is rare, it can be life-threatening. Significant LAP-BAND slippage can cut off blood supply to the stomach, which is a medical emergency.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of LAP-BAND Slippage?

Every patient is different, but there are common signs and symptoms of LAP-BAND slippage to be aware of, including:

  • Changes in food consumption: A decrease in appetite, the ability to eat larger volumes of food, or discomfort during and after eating are all changes that could indicate a slip.
  • Severe heartburn: Acid reflux is a common sign of LAP-BAND slippage.
  • Coughing when lying down: The upward pressure placed on the stomach is exacerbated when lying down, which can trigger a cough response.
  • Chest pain: Pain or pressure in the chest may result from the stomach shifting around a LAP-BAND.
  • Nausea and vomiting: Slippage can severely restrict the flow of food and drinks through the stomach. This can cause acute or prolonged nausea, which may lead to vomiting up completely undigested food.

If you are experiencing any of these signs or symptoms, then contact Tijuana Bariatrics immediately. In most cases, our team can easily remediate LAP-BAND slippage. Nonetheless, it is impossible to tell the extent of the slip without proper medical intervention.

What Happens If My LAP-BAND Slips?

If you believe your LAP-BAND has slipped, then our bariatric surgeons will suggest an upper gastrointestinal (GI) test. This test uses x-ray technology to show how a barium-containing liquid flows through the stomach.

While a patient drinks a barium-containing liquid, a medical professional will interpret the corresponding x-ray images to determine the extent and nature of the slip. This allows our team to determine the best treatment to remediate the issue. 

In many cases, simply readjusting the band will resolve the issue and allow patients to continue comfortably losing weight. For others, however, the surgeons working with Tijuana Bariatrics may suggest another bariatric solution. 

Learn More in a Consultation

LAP-BAND slippage is extremely rare, which makes this procedure a safe and effective weight-loss option for most patients. If you’re interested in learning more about LAP-BAND surgery and verifying your candidacy, then contact our team in Tijuana, Mexico, now. Patients can schedule their consultation at Tijuana Bariatrics by requesting it online here.

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