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Person filling out medical formsGastric sleeve surgery reduces the size of the stomach to encourage effective weight loss. This procedure offers a solution to patients who have a significant amount of weight to lose and have been unsuccessful in shedding that weight on their own. Many patients worry about what they will be able to eat in the days, weeks, and months following gastric sleeve surgery, but a person’s diet should actually change prior to their surgical procedure.

The team of surgeons at Tijuana Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, prepares our patients for the recommended gastric sleeve pre-op diet. By adhering to suggested pre-op diet guidelines, patients can increase the likelihood of a safe surgical procedure and effective weight-loss results.

When Should My Pre-op Diet Start?

We recommend that patients change their diet at least three weeks prior to gastric sleeve surgery. This gives patients plenty of time to adapt to new eating habits.

Additionally, if patients adhere to recommended diet guidelines for at least several weeks prior to their surgery, they are likely to lose some weight, which will give them a head start on their overall weight loss goals.

Basic Pre-op Diet Guidelines

The goal of a gastric sleeve pre-op diet is to introduce healthier eating habits that will prepare the body for surgery and make it easier to maintaining a nutritious diet plan after surgery. There is not a strict diet plan that needs to be followed. Instead, we recommend that patients make a few simple changes to the way they eat:

  • Reduce calorie intake
  • Increase protein (60 grams or more per day is ideal)
  • Decrease carbs
  • Choose healthy fats
  • Drink plenty of water

Starting a Liquid Diet

As the surgery date gets closer, patients will need to change their diet once again. We recommend that our Tijuana patients start a liquid diet two to three days before their gastric sleeve procedure. This liquid diet phase is vital to clearing out the digestive tract so that surgery can be performed safely.

A liquid diet is completely free of foods. Instead, patients can opt for options such as water, sports drinks, and broth. Patients should maintain a liquid diet up until the night before surgery. After midnight on the night prior to treatment, patients will need to refrain from all foods and beverages.

Benefits of a Healthy Pre-op Diet

A healthy pre-op diet offers many physical and emotional benefits. By adopting healthier eating habits prior to treatment, our Tijuana patients will prepare the body and mind for gastric sleeve surgery and the recovery period that follows.

One of the primary goals of the gastric sleeve pre-op diet is to shrink the liver. Obese individuals tend to have fatty, swollen livers. By shrinking the liver prior to surgery, patients can make it easier for surgeons to access and alter the stomach.

The pre-op diet is also good preparation for the diet that will need to be followed after surgery. Patients who adhere to recommended pre-op guidelines are more likely to adjust to diet regulations after surgery, and are less likely to regain weight down the road.

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