Red Meat After Bariatric Surgery: What You Should Know By info on May 02, 2018

Delicious raw steakA person’s diet goes through a lot of changes after bariatric surgery. We have discussed many of these changes on our blog over the years, and this advice has helped many bariatric patients in the greater San Diego and Southern California areas adjust to life after surgery.

The team at our Tijuana, Mexico weight loss surgery center receives many questions about what foods should be avoided. As it turns out, red meat is one of the foods you’ll want to stay away from after bariatric surgery. Let’s explain why and offer some diet advice below.

Red Meat Can Be Difficult to Digest

Everyone loves a good steak every now and then, but even the best, highest-quality cuts of beef can pose many problems to bariatric surgery patients. For one, beef can be fibrous, and the grain of the meat can be difficult to digest and break down in your body. There’s also the matter of gristle to consider. Fibrous meat and gristle can block your stomach, leading to discomfort and other issues.

Given these facts, it’s important that patients avoid eating red meat in general after their weight loss surgery. If any read meat is eaten, patients must consider some tips to make it easier to eat.

Avoid Red Meat for Several Weeks After Surgery

After undergoing bariatric surgery, patients will be on a transitional diet that eases them back into having solid foods. This diet starts with clear liquids, eventually progressing to creamy liquids and shakes, soft foods, and soft solids. It will take about a month before returning to certain solid foods, and at least another few weeks after that before patients can be back to full solids.

For the first two months after bariatric surgery, stay away from red meat. This will allow your body to heal after surgery and gives you a chance to adjust to your new diet.

Health Concerns About Eating Too Much Red Meat

The National Institutes of Health notes that eating red meat has been linked to a higher risk of multiple adverse medical conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancers. Since weight loss surgery is about improving general wellness through weight loss and lifestyle adjustments, it’s a good idea to avoid red meat to help promote good general health.

Tips for Eating Red Meat After Bariatric Surgery

If you have red meat after bariatric surgery, be sure to consider the following tips:

  • Only have a small portion of red meat
  • Cut the meat into small pieces
  • Chew the red meat thoroughly so it is easier on your stomach
  • Savor your food so you avoid overeating

Other Sources of Protein to Consider

There are much healthier meats to eat if you crave animal protein. These meats are lean, soft, and easier on your stomach:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Fish

Go for lean white means, and avoid any processed meats when possible. This will help you lose weight, keep the weight off, and become much healthier in the years ahead.

Learn More About Bariatric Surgery

For more information about your dietary needs after weight loss surgery and how we can help you look your absolute best, be sure to contact the weight loss surgery experts of Tijuana Bariatrics. We are here to offer advice and insight, allowing you to make the most of the benefits of bariatric surgery.

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