Thigh Lift After Bariatric Surgery May Be Just What You Need By info on March 09, 2018

Two friends joggingPatients who come to our Tijuana, MX bariatric surgery center receive ample information about life before and after major weight loss. The results of bariatric procedures are excellent, but certain realities must be considered. For instance, losing a lot of weight can live people with unwanted and unsightly skin folds.

We’d like to go over some of the basics when it comes to loose skin after a bariatric procedure. We’ll then consider how a thigh lift (thighplasty) may be just what you need to enhance your appearance after surgical weight loss.

What Happens to My Body After Bariatric Surgery?

After experiencing major weight loss, a person’s body will go through a number of changes. The most significant change will be loose and sagging skin. When you gain a lot of weight, the skin stretches out to accommodate your added size.

However, when the weight is lost, your skin will not automatically shrink back around your frame. In fact, the skin is only so elastic, which means a certain amount of looses sagging skin is to be expected after losing a lot of weight.

Loose and Sagging Skin of the Thighs

While a lot of the loose skin is located around the abdominal area, many people also notice loose, sagging skin along the thighs. This is especially true of women given how the weight is distributed in their body. Loose skin along the lower thigh, inner thigh, and outer thigh/hip can throw off the appearance of your body after major weight loss, leaving you feeling self-conscious and limiting the kinds of clothes that you can wear.

Can I Tighten Skin Without Surgery?

Only to a limited degree.

Some non-surgical procedures are able to tighten loose skin and improve overall elasticity, but not by much. The only sure way to get rid of that unwanted loose skin is body contouring surgery, which is where the thigh lift comes into play.

Ideal Candidates for Thigh Lift Surgery

Good candidates for thigh lift surgery are people who have lost a lot of weight and notice major drooping and sagging of their thighs. They should be in good overall health so that the thigh lift procedure can be performed safely and without causing any risk to general wellness.

What to Expect During Thigh Lift Surgery

During the thigh lift procedure, a plastic surgeon makes incisions along the groin and buttock creases. Through these incision areas, underlying structures of the thighs can be adjusted. Excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is pulled tighter to eliminate stretch marks and improve the appearance of the lower extremities.

Timing Your Thigh Lift for Optimal Results

In order to get the most out of your thigh lift, timing is crucial. Ideally a patient should wait for about two years after their bariatric surgery to undergo body contouring surgery. This will allow the patient to lose all of the weight they were going to lose thanks to surgery, and to adjust to their healthier lifestyle.

During a consultation for surgical weight loss, we can discuss when body lift and contouring options would be most ideal for you and your needs.

Learn More About Thigh Lift Surgery

For more information about thigh lift surgery and how it can help you look your best after major weight loss, be sure to contact the team at Tijuana Bariatrics. We can discuss different post-bariatric body contouring surgeries and which options may be most ideal for your needs.

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