Gastric Sleeve Revision for a Stretched Stomach By info on December 28, 2017

Digital composite profile of an overweight personIn the world of bariatric procedures, gastric sleeve surgery offers effective and dramatic results for many patients. There are times, however, when an individual does not experience the amount of weight loss they expected.

In these cases, our doctors can perform gastric sleeve revision for a stretched stomach at our Tijuana, MX practice. Patients who require revision surgery following a gastric sleeve have four options, which we will discuss here today.


When a gastric sleeve procedure is performed, the majority of the stomach is removed, and the remaining portion is reshaped into a banana-sized sleeve. If this sleeve stretches out, you are no longer restricting your food portions of caloric intake. To correct this, you can “re-sleeve” or undergo another type of surgery.

Re-sleeving is less invasive than alternative revision techniques, such as the duodenal switch or gastric bypass. This procedure will once again restrict the stomach. Many patients have tremendous success with this option. Keep in mind, however, that the stomach can stretch out a second time if lifestyle habits are not sufficiently altered.

Conversion to LAP-BAND® Surgery

Another option for revising your gastric sleeve is to convert to LAP-BAND® surgery. During this procedure, an inflatable band will be placed on the upper portion of the stomach. This band can be adjusted as necessary to achieve the proper amount of restriction.

One advantage to this method is its reversibility. However, LAP-BAND® surgery is only recommended in certain instances, due to its moderately high failure rate.

Conversion to Duodenal Switch

In the duodenal switch procedure, the intestines are rerouted to promote malabsorption, and the gallbladder is removed. The gastric sleeve, although now a standalone procedure, was originally the initial step to the duodenal switch. Therefore, converting to the duodenal switch can essentially be considered “completing” the previous surgery.

Although this procedure is more invasive and complex, it offers a low risk of weight gain. In fact, the duodenal switch boasts the highest amount of long-term weight loss than any other bariatric procedure.

Conversion to Gastric Bypass

Another choice for gastric sleeve revision is the gastric bypass. Just as the duodenal switch is a natural progression from the sleeve procedure, the bypass is another continuation of the original procedure.

During this surgery, the upper section of the stomach is separated from the lower portion. The upper section is crafted into a small pouch, which is attached to the esophagus.

During gastric bypass, the intestines are slightly rearranged, but there is no need to remove the gallbladder, as is the case in the duodenal switch. This revision technique offers significant weight loss, and is the second most effective long-term method, just behind the duodenal switch.

Emotional Aspects of Revision Surgery

Many patients considering revision surgery are discouraged that they did not lose sufficient weight the first time. It is important to understand, however, that weight loss is a process, and the only true failure is in giving up.

At Tijuana Bariatrics, we understand there is a significant emotional aspect related to the weight loss journey. Therefore, we recommend that you begin making lifestyle changes now, and find a support group of like-minded people who can provide encouragement for you through this process.

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If you have previously undergone bariatric surgery, and you have experienced significant weight gain since your procedure, you are not alone. There are options available to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

To determine your candidacy for revision surgery, schedule a visit with us. You can call our office at (800) 308-3607 or contact us online anytime.

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