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Overweight femaleWhen most people complain about excess weight, they are concerned about the way that it affects their physical appearance. However, obese individuals realize that being severely overweight can have much more serious consequences. When a person is obese, they are at an increased risk for a number of dangerous medical conditions, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Additionally, being obese can interfere with physical capabilities. It can be especially challenging to exercise when you are severely overweight, making the battle to lose weight even more difficult.

Gastric bypass surgery promotes dramatic, long-term weight loss by dividing the stomach into two smaller pouches. This procedure limits the amount of food that can be eaten, and minimizes the nutrients (and calories) that are absorbed by the body.

Prior to performing gastric bypass surgery, our surgeons want to ensure that their patients are well prepared for treatment. Here, we go over the gastric bypass pre-op instructions that will prepare our Tijuana, Mexico patients for a safe and successful surgical treatment.

In the Months and Weeks before Surgery

It is important for patients to take all the steps necessary to ensure they are physically and mentally prepared for surgery. Although gastric surgery allows patients to lose a large amount of weight in a relatively short amount of time, those results can be compromised if the patient is not prepared to follow through with imperative lifestyle changes. The best way to prepare for gastric bypass surgery is to begin to adapt these changes in the months leading up to treatment.

Below are some important pre-op steps for gastric bypass patients:

  • Meet with a registered dietician to discuss what your diet needs will be before and after surgery
  • Work with a therapist or fitness trainer to develop an exercise plan for before and after surgery
  • Consider joining a support group for gastric bypass patients or those considering bariatric surgery
  • Begin drinking at least 64 ounces of water each day
  • Refrain from smoking for at least eight weeks prior to surgery
  • Discuss medication use with our doctors and implement any necessary changes in the weeks leading up to surgery

In the Days before Surgery

After surgery, the patient will need plenty of time to rest and recover, so it is important to prepare for recovery in the days leading up to treatment. Patients should take care of the following tasks in the days prior to surgery:

  • Stock up on any foods or liquids that will be eaten in the first several days or weeks of gastric bypass recovery
  • Have any prescribed medications filled
  • Pick up medical supplies, such as gauze, bandages, and ice packs
  • Make arrangements with a friend or family member to get to and from the hospital for treatment

The Day of Surgery

The day of surgery, we want patients to feel as relaxed as possible, so hopefully all prep work will be taken care of by this point. Patients should avoid eating or drinking anything on the day of their surgery (starting at midnight the night before). We advise patients to show up in loose, comfortable clothing, and leave all jewelry or other valuables at home. The face should be free of make-up and the body should be free of cosmetics such as lotion and perfume. Be sure to arrive a little early to the appointment so that any last-minute concerns can be addressed.

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