The Risks of Gastric Bypass Surgery By info on October 26, 2016

A doctor considering dietary needsHere at Tijuana Bariatrics, we always take time to discuss the health and wellness goals of patients. This means focusing on short-term issues like gastric bypass surgery recovery as well as long-term goals such as lasting weight loss.

Part of this discussion inevitably veers toward post-op complications and the warning signs of serious problems. Let's cover some common risks associated with gastric bypass surgery, and discuss some options to prevent and address complications if they arise.

Post-Surgical Infection

Infections are a potential risk following any sort of surgery. Thankfully modern technology and surgical techniques greatly reduce the risk of infection. Patients are given ample pre-op and post-op instructions in order to manage side effects and prevent complications such as infection from occurring.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

DVT refers to dangerous blood clots that form in the legs as a result of inertness. These blood clots can severely affect overall circulation, and can potentially wind up in the lungs causing serious medical issues. After surgery, patients are encouraged to walk around their home lightly to promote circulation and prevent DVT.

Leaks of the Gastrointestinal System

Given the revisions made to the digestive tract, there is a chance that gastric fluid from the stomach may leak into the body. This can be extremely dangerous, affecting organs adjacent to the stomach and intestines. This can lead to major internal harm and possibly death if not addressed right away.

Bowel Obstructions

After gastric bypass surgery, some patients may experience severe issues with bowel obstructions. These often occur in the first four years after surgery. This may be the result of surgical scar tissue, adhesions between different organs, or tangles in the intestinal tract.


A number of people who lose weight rapidly develop gallstones and other issues with their gallbladder. It's quite common among bariatric surgery patients. Thankfully these matters can be dealt with through a routine gallbladder removal surgery.

Appendicitis or a Burst Appendix

Given the revision to the intestinal tract, it is possible for a person to experience appendicitis after gastric bypass surgery. Removal of the inflamed appendix is crucial for avoiding serious medical issues.

Lack of Weight Loss

Some patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery do not lose an ideal amount of weight after their procedure is performed. When this occurs, a revision surgery is typically recommended. This secondary procedure helps promote the loss of more weight.

Gaining the Weight Back

Gaining back some of the weight you've lost is common a few years after surgery. If a person regains a significant amount of weight after bariatric surgery, a secondary procedure is recommended to help the patient lose some of most of the weight that they have regained.

Excessive Weight Loss

In very rare instances, a person may lose too much weight. This could become a major threat to general wellness and overall well-being. A revision surgery can help increase caloric consumption and absorption, preventing dire medical issues in the process.

Malnutrition/Nutritional Deficiencies

Dietary changes after gastric bypass surgery can take some time to get used to. As a result, some weight loss surgery patients experience vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Taking multivitamins and adjusting your diet to meet your daily nutritional needs is the best option to consider for these complications.

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