Revising Your Bariatric Surgery: A Way Toward Greater Weight Loss By info on March 24, 2016

How revision bariatric surgery worksThe team at Tijuana Bariatrics offers patients the ability to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. By undergoing safe, state-of-the-art surgical obesity treatment, patients can fight obesity and the various health problems linked to obesity.

With more and more people undergoing weight loss surgery, studies have noticed that certain procedures may not be as effective on patients as planned. To address these matters and help patients on their road wellness, a revision bariatric procedure may be required.

Sometimes an Initial Surgery May Not Yield Optimal Results

Even though many patients are able to achieve their weight loss and general wellness goals thanks to an initial bariatric surgery procedure, other patients face challenges with losing weight. In some cases, patients lose weight quickly, but they do not lose enough of their body mass. In other cases, patients lose weight slowly rather than rapidly, which makes them question the long-term results of their procedure.

This can be a frustrating situation, and one that cannot be remedied through exercise or careful monitoring of your diet alone. Should you face problems with an initial weight loss surgery procedure, considering a revision surgery could be a good idea.

About Revision Bariatric Surgery

Revision bariatric surgery refers to a secondary procedure performed if a previous weight loss surgery yielded suboptimal results. There are many ways to go about this depending on the initial bariatric procedure. In general, weight loss surgeons will evaluate the first surgery and then tailor the new procedure to address your needs.

Benefits of Revision Bariatric Surgery

The most important benefit of revision bariatric surgery is that it will help patients lose weight safely and rapidly, allowing them to achieve their wellness goals following poor results from an initial surgery. When possible, the surgeon will try to use the initial surgical incision sites to perform the revision procedure, which helps reduce the possibility of new scarring.

Minor Revision Procedures

For some patients, a relatively minor revision may be necessary. This may be as simple as adjusting the band placed during a gastric banding surgery. This will limit calorie consumption and help with weight loss. For gastric sleeve patients, they may undergo a resleeving surgery, which will help further reduce the overall size of their stomach pouch and help address concerns about calorie consumption.

More Advanced Revision Procedures

For more advanced revision procedures, such as correcting a gastric bypass, different measures may have to be taken. Adjustments may be made to the size of the stomach pouch or the length of the roux limb to help improve the results of the bypass procedure. Sometimes an ineffective gastric bypass, gastric band, or gastric sleeve will be converted into a duodenal switch, another type of weight loss surgery that helps reduce calorie consumption as well as calorie absorption.

Discussing Your Options in Greater Detail

Patients have options when it comes to revision of their initial surgery, and it's important that they understand the risks and benefits of each of their options. During a consultation for revision weight loss surgery, we will give you the answers you need to make a smart choice moving forward.

During this consultation process, we can also evaluate your dietary needs and exercise needs to help ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle that facilitates weight loss.

Schedule a Consultation at Tijuana Bariatrics

For more information about bariatric surgery and how it can help you achieve a more ideal body mass and better health and wellness, be sure to contact our bariatric surgery center today. The team here at Tijuana Bariatrics will work with you to help you achieve the best health and wellness results.

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