Tijuana Bariatrics is Now Offering and Accepting Medical Tourism Coverage By info on August 31, 2015

A health insurance policy claim formTijuana, Baja California - Tijuana Bariatrics is pleased to announce that they now offer and accept medical tourism insurance. This type of insurance is designed specifically to address complications that may occur during or after surgery during your stay in Tijuana, Mexico. With the addition of medical tourism insurance, the practice can help patients avoid additional expenses that may be incurred in the rare case of surgical or post-surgical complications.

Although the risk of complications is very low when patients undergo high-quality bariatric surgery, medical tourism insurance can provide patients with additional peace of mind. Medical tourism insurance helps to emphasize the practice’s focus on safety first, and is simply another way that Tijuana Bariatrics hopes to make patients’ experience as safe, comfortable, and worry-free as possible.

How Medical Tourism Insurance Works

Tijuana Bariatrics is proud to be included in an exclusive group of companies that provide this type of insurance. The practice works with one of the largest insurance carriers in the states to provide patients with an affordable insurance policy. To purchase insurance, patients make the premium payment to Tijuana Bariatrics; the insurance company issues the policy, which is then handed to patients by their surgical coordinator.

Medical tourism insurance is designed to cover additional medical expenses if a surgical procedure abroad results in complications. Without medical tourism insurance, that patient would have to bear these expenses on his or her own. The insurance policy offered by Tijuana Bariatrics covers up to $160,000 in the case of complications during or after surgery during their stay in Mexico. The policy will cover a range of expenses, including medical fees, hospital fees, hotel fees, food, transportation, and airfare.

Who Is Eligible for Medical Tourism Insurance?

Medical tourism insurance is available to patients between the ages of 18 and 70. They should be traveling to Mexico to undergo bariatric, plastic, or dental treatment via authorized doctors, dental professionals, surgeons, or hospitals located in Mexico.

There may be some additional stipulations or requirements to consider for eligibility in some cases; patients can contact Tijuana Bariatrics if there are additional questions or concerns.

What Types of Medical Complications Are Covered by the Insurance?

Complications are defined as the occurrence of various factors or incidents that require additional medical treatment. Complications must arise during the coverage period of the insurance policy during the stay in Mexico.

With regard to weight loss surgery and obesity treatments such as gastric sleeve (sleeve gastrectomy), medical tourism insurance would cover reintervention for post-operative complications such as infections, leakage of the stomach pouch, and adverse reactions to anesthetic.

The Benefits of Medical Tourism Insurance

Medical tourism insurance provides patients with that extra sense of security and peace of mind when it comes to their overall health and wellness. With a major surgical procedure such as bariatric surgery, this cannot be underestimated. Even though we take great care planning a bariatric surgery, performing the procedure, and monitoring patients in the early stages of recovery, having medical tourism insurance in place is ideal if complications do develop.

How Tijuana Bariatrics Minimizes Potential Surgery Risks

The surgeons of Tijuana Bariatrics carefully plan all bariatric surgery procedures before the surgery is performed. The state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that they use allow patients to undergo medical care equal to that provided in the states, though at a reduced cost thanks to the currency exchange rate. After surgery, the doctor’s team runs several tests to evaluate the patient's revised digestive tract to ensure there is no leakage or complications so the patient can return home in good overall health.

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