The Consequences of Eating Too Much After Gastric Sleeve Surgery By info on January 29, 2015

A woman eating a green appleOur team of doctors is committed to helping patients lose weight and keep it off using the latest bariatric techniques and technologies. At Tijuana Bariatrics, we feel that this means giving gastric sleeve patients information about the pre-surgery and post-op process, including the challenges they may face and how they can be avoided or overcome. With this in mind, let's consider eating habits and overeating following gastric sleeve surgery.

Can I overeat after I have undergone gastric sleeve surgery?


Even though your stomach size is smaller, it is possible to eat too much for your stomach's capacity. You see, feelings of fullness often reach your brain slower that you'd think, so you could be more stuffed than you should be by the time your brain registers that you are full.

This is a common problem for people who have undergone gastric sleeve relatively recently as they have yet to understand the new nature of their diet and eating habits after surgery has been performed.

What happens if I overeat?

If you overeat after having a gastric sleeve, the following is likely to happen:

  • Vomiting - Voiding your stomach is a common response to overeating after gastric sleeve, so don't be surprised if overeating leads to some vomiting.
  • Diarrhea - Food may wind up in the intestines sooner than it should, leading to diarrhea.
  • Discomfort - Cramps and abdominal pain are very common when a person who has undergone a gastric sleeve has overeaten.
  • Dumping Syndrome - The previous three issues are all present in a condition known as dumping syndrome, which happens to a number of people who undergo bariatric surgery.

To avoid these problems, consider the following advice below.

Eat Small Portions and Eat Slowly

Eating small portions and eating slowly helps you experience sensations of hunger without the danger of overeating. Savor your food and really enjoy it, and let your body tell you when you're full rather than trying too eat too much too fast.

Avoid Drinking While You Eat

Drinking water while you eat can take up valuable space in your stomach. Rather than drinking while eating, drink between meals so you don't feel full too soon.

Politely Refuse Large Portions or More Food

While people may ask you to have seconds or invite you to eat more because it's a special occasion, there's nothing wrong with turning them down politely. Refusing second helpings can mean the difference between a fine evening and major discomfort.

Pay Attention to Your Body and Its Needs

Weight loss surgery really is about adjusting lifestyles and getting used to your new needs following surgery. Go slowly as you recover early on, and try to pay attention to your body and its needs when it comes to your diet and your eating habits.

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