How to Deal with Hunger and Cravings After Gastric Sleeve By info on November 18, 2014

A woman eating a green appleWe have helped countless people at our Tijuana and Fontana weight loss surgery centers. One of the most popular surgeries performed is gastric sleeve surgery (sleeve gastrectomy), a safe and effective means of losing weight. We've discussed the surgery at length on the blog, though now we'd like to focus on the issue of hunger and cravings after surgery and what patients can do to address these matters.

How Gastric Sleeve Surgery Works

Gastric sleeve involves the reduction of the size of the stomach. By doing this, patients become full faster and also experience fewer cravings for food throughout the day.

Do hunger and cravings come back?

Patients who undergo gastric sleeve surgery will notice cravings return with time, though the type of hunger and cravings will vary, particularly as you heal and as your diet changes.

For instance, patients may notice differences with hunger early on since they are on a predominantly liquid diet. In addition, food does play a psychologically comforting role for people, so if cravings occur, it may be the result of a psychological need for comfort or gratification of some kind that food would have provided. Keep these matters in mind as you recover.

People's Experiences Different

Each patient is going to have a different experience with their gastric sleeve recovery and with the occasional craving or hunger issues. These tips below will help you address hunger and cravings as they come up.

Try to Eat on a Steady Schedule

It's a good idea to set up a schedule of some kind when it comes to eating. Eating at certain times on a regular schedule trains your body to expect food at those times. You will notice an adjustment in potential hunger and cravings simply by sticking to schedule.

Avoid Late-Night Snacking

Even if you do experience hunger or cravings, it's a good idea to avoid snacking late at night. This will throw off your eating schedule and may lead to recurring cravings and hunger during late nights. Skip the late night snack and wait for a good breakfast instead.

Pay Attention to When the Cravings Are Worst

Sometimes you may notice that hunger seems to strike worst at certain times of the day. If that is the case, plan your meals and your diet accordingly around those most serious times of day so that hunger can best be addressed.

Consult with Your Support Group

Many other patients who've undergone gastric sleeve may have experienced similar issues as you have with regard to hunger and cravings. Check with your support group and support network for tips on how to deal with these matters.

Speak with Friends and Family

Talk to your friends and family about these cravings. Just discussing them with people you trust can help make the issues more manageable. This open communication may actually be a way around the psychological need for food that's triggering your hunger and cravings.

Speak with Your Surgeon or a Dietician

Be sure to check with your bariatric surgeon or a dietician about your issues with hunger and cravings. They may be able to provide you with important professional advice when it comes to addressing hunger as it returns and arises.

Learn More About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

For more information about gastric sleeve surgery and what you can do to improve your recovery as well as the results of the bariatric procedure, be sure to contact our weight loss surgery center today.

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