Sleeve Gastrectomy Revision Surgery: Why It's Performed, How It's Avoided By info on June 20, 2014

A diagram demonstrating how the gastric sleeve worksA sleeve gastrectomy is a great option to consider if you want to lose weight. If you have been reading this blog, you know how much Tijuana Bariatrics believes in the procedure since gastric sleeve surgery is simple, low maintenance, and very effective at promoting weight loss. Many patients from abroad have taken advantage of our accommodations and services and traveled to Tijuana in order to undergo a gastric sleeve.

Sometimes a gastric sleeve is not as effective as it ought to be, however. In those cases, it's important to consider a revision. Let's cover the revision surgery right now.

What is a gastric sleeve revision surgery?

Gastric sleeve revision surgery refers to a secondary procedure that is performed when the initial gastric sleeve has failed to achieve the desired results. This is distinct from a corrective surgery to address a leak in the initial sleeve.

Why is sleeve revision performed?

Sometimes a patient who undergoes gastric sleeve does not experience sufficient weight loss. This could be due to the stomach sleeve stretching or it may be the result of poor reduction of calorie consumption. Whatever the case may be, the revision surgery is key for helping bring down the patient's BMI.

Option One: Re-Sleeving of the Stomach

One option to consider if the stomach pouch has stretched with time is to resleeve the stomach. This will involve the resizing of the stomach pouch again in much the same way the the initial gastric sleeve resized the stomach pouch.

Option Two: Transformation Into Another Bariatric Surgery Method

In other cases, it's sometimes necessary to switch the gastric sleeve into another bariatric procedure. In many cases, the procedure is known as a duodenal switch. A duodenal switch involves both malabsortive and restrictive weight loss strategies, which makes it more likely for the desired weight loss to occur. In essence, the first step of the duodenal switch is a gastric sleeve.

Which revision option is better?

There is no right answer when it comes to determining the ideal bariatric surgery for your needs. During your consultation with a bariatric surgeon, you will be able to learn more about all of these matters in greater detail and make an informed choice about which surgery is right for you.

Avoiding the Need of Revision

While revision may be necessary for some patients, we always work hard to avoid the need for a gastric sleeve revision. Our team works closely with each patient and very carefully to ensure that they understand the full nature of the procedure. Each surgery is performed in a full-service hospital using state of the art equipment, and we carefully plans treatments for maximum effect.

In addition, our doctors check the integrity of the surgical staples three times after the gastric surgery is performed. Not only does this level of caution prevent immediate surgical complications, it also allows us to check for additional issues that may affect the overall nature of the procedure.

Learn More About Your Surgical Weight Loss Options

To learn more about gastric sleeve surgery and how it can be of benefit to you and your needs, be sure to contact our bariatric surgery and weight loss center today. We look forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve better health and a more ideal weight.

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