The Expected Weight Loss Timeline for Gastric Sleeve Surgery Patients By info on March 25, 2014

The Expected Weight Loss Timeline for Gastric Sleeve Surgery PatientsThere are plenty of ways that you can achieve a more ideal weight if you suffer from obesity or morbid obesity. While we've talked a great deal about gastric sleeve surgery on this blog, both gastric bypass surgery and gastric banding surgery also offers solid results for patients. Scheduling a consultation and visiting our bariatric surgery center will help you understand the weight loss process from beginning to end.

One topic we have not covered on this blog involves the actual rate of weight loss after you undergo gastric sleeve surgery. We'd like to consider that in brief detail right now.

About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

First let's discuss gastric sleeve surgery and how it works since the mechanism for weight loss is important to consider. Gastric sleeve surgery is an ideal option for safe and effective weight loss. During the surgery, the stomach pouch is reduced to roughly the size of a banana. This helps reduce a patient's sensations of hunger while also allowing the patient to become fuller faster.

Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss In the First Month

In the first month after gastric sleeve surgery, patients will be on a liquid diet and adjusting their food in-take accordingly as they heal. During this first month, patients will typically lose around 20 pounds if not more. This will vary depending on the patient's starting weight, metabolism, as well as other factors, of course. Sometimes patients will lose about a pound a day.

Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss In the First Few Months

In the early months after gastric sleeve surgery, rapid weight loss will continue. Again, it is not uncommon for patients to lose between 40 to 60 pounds by the end of two months, sometimes more. Since feelings of hunger are reduced and less food is contained in the stomach, this is ideal and helps patients hit a healthier weight sooner.

Leveling Off of Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve

After a few months, your body will adjust to its new diet, and the weight loss won't be as rapid. The slowing down is normal, and any additional weight loss can be achieved by continuing to eat healthy and by exercising regularly. By the end of the first year, weight loss should stabilize.

Long-Term Weight Loss Results with Gastric Sleeve

After weight stabilizes, patients may gain back a bit of that weight, though the patient's BMI will still be much healthier than it was before. One study found that six years after gastric sleeve surgery, patients had generally lost about 53% of their total excess weight. This is a successful outcome overall, and patients should be advised that they can keep more of that that excess weight off with exercise and smart eating. We can discuss long-term weight management during the consultation process.

Learn More About Bariatric Surgery

For more information about all of your weight loss surgery options and how they can help you, be sure to contact our Tijuana bariatric surgery center today. When you visit our practice, we will be sure to cover all of your surgical procedure options in full detail so that you can make smart and empowered decisions about your wellness.

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