Why You Should Consider Gastric Sleeve Surgery for Your Weight Loss Needs By info on December 20, 2013

Why You Should Consider Gastric Sleeve Surgery for Your Weight Loss NeedsThere are so many compelling reasons to lose weight and achieve a more ideal body mass. By achieving a more ideal body mass, you cut down your chances of developing diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even certain kinds of cancers. One particularly popular option for achieving surgical weight loss is the gastric sleeve surgery.

When you meet with a bariatric surgeon, you will be able to learn more about gastric sleeve surgery and what it can do for you. Right now, we want to focus on the basics of the surgery and the advantages of the procedure, which should highlight why the gastric sleeve is so popular.

What is gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a weight loss procedure that permanently alters the size of the stomach. Rather than having a large stomach pouch, the stomach is slimmed down into a tube-like shape. (Some say the new stomach pouch is banana-shaped.) This means that patients will become fuller faster and consumer fewer calories. Sensations of hunger are also diminished because of the change in stomach size.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Is Low Maintenance

One of the key advantages of gastric sleeve surgery is that it is low maintenance. The gastric sleeve procedure needs only to be performed once and that's it. This is different than with Lap Band surgery, another popular weight loss surgery option, which often involves adjustment or corrective surgeries for the silicone band after the first surgery is performed.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Does Not Reroute the Digestive Tract

In a roux en y gastric bypass surgery (another very popular weight loss surgery), the digestive tract is altered in a profound way. A smaller stomach pouch is created and portions of the stomach are re-routed to bypass the intestine. Gastric sleeve is much simpler than this and only involves the reshaping of the stomach. That's it.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Has a High Success Rate

Both low maintenance and less invasive than other weight loss surgery options, gastric sleeve surgery is also quite successful. In general, the surgery achieves about an 80% success rate, which is more successful than Lap Band surgery and about as successful as the gastric bypass surgery.

Potential Surgical Savings If You Have the Procedure Done in Tijuana

If you travel from the United States to our practice to have your gastric sleeve done, you can actually save money because of the exchange rate. This is at no sacrifice of quality or professionalism, however. Our practice is state of the art and we perform the surgical procedure at a full-service hospital with your safety and wellness of primary concern.

Patients are greeted by our driver as soon as they arrive at the airport, and accommodations are arranged at a hotel for the entire duration of care. Key team members are bilingual, and the surgical coordinator at our practice works closely with the patients to make sure that all of his or her needs are met.

Learn More About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

If you would like to learn more about the gastric sleeve procedure and how it can be of benefit to you, be sure to contact our Tijuana weight loss surgery center today. The entire team here looks forward to discussing all of your options for surgical weight loss in greater detail so that you can make the best decision possible regarding your overall health and wellness.

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