Rejuvenate Sagging Cheeks and Improve Confidence with a Mid Facelift

Hollow, sagging cheeks and bulging lower eyelids can dramatically affect your appearance. Undergoing a mid facelift, or cheek lift can reduce folds and lower eyelid bags reversing some of the tell-tale signs of aging. This treatment is an excellent option for those looking to achieve fuller-looking cheeks with results that are more permanent than those provided by dermal fillers. A mid facelift procedure is often paired with a mini facelift for superior results. Tijuana Bariatrics can help ensure that you are engaging in safe medical tourism while receiving outstanding plastic surgery procedures in Monterrey and Tijuana, Mexico. We can help you arrange exceptional care by connecting you with one of the established doctors within our network.

What is a Cheek Lift? 

A mid facelift is a plastic surgery procedure that can enhance your appearance for fuller, more youthful cheeks and lower eyelids. A skilled surgeon can reposition the fat and muscle to the proper position over the cheekbone while reducing lines and wrinkles. This type of facelift is considered a minimally invasive surgical treatment that is a popular alternative to dermal fillers as it often yields more permanent results. 

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Am I a Candidate for a Mid Facelift?

A mid facelift is typically recommended for patients in their 40s and 50s who have begun to experience:

  • Hollowness in their cheeks
  • Sagging beneath the eyes
  • Deepening of creases around the nose and mouth

Patients that will be considered for this procedure will need to be in good health and not at high-risk for complications during surgery or recovery. A mid facelift is minimal and isolated to the under-eye and cheek areas. If you hope to achieve more significant results, a full facelift may be more appropriate for your goals.  

Your Treatment 

Prior to your cheek lift, you will discuss your needs and plan your surgery with your surgeon. Your overall cosmetic goals will help them determine if a mid facelift will provide sufficient improvements, or if you will need to pair it with another treatment, such as a mini facelift

During your procedure, you will be provided with anesthesia for a virtually painless experience. Once you are ready, your surgeon will make incisions along the hairline for proper concealment. The exact location and length of your incisions will depend on how extensive your facelift is. When the muscles and fat have been repositioned to your specifications, the doctor will pull the skin taught. After removing any excess tissue, your they will close the incisions using sutures or a skin adhesive. This entire process will generally last about two hours. 

Tijuana Bariatrics has helped many patients find a local surgeon who can provide affordable, safe, and effective treatments.


Immediately following your surgery, it is normal to experience:

  • Some discomfort
  • Minor swelling
  • Minimal bruising 

Many patients only require about a week of downtime and only a few weeks of limited activities following their procedure. However, patients who have undergone multiple treatments, should discuss recovery requirements with their doctor. As with most plastic surgery procedures, the results may seem drastic at first, the muscles will settle into a natural position as time passes.  

Find an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

Tijuana Bariatrics has helped many patients find a local surgeon who can provide affordable, safe, and effective treatments. If you would like to learn more about mid facelifts, we can coordinate your treatment today. Contact us online or call us at (800) 308-3607 for convenient surgical care.  

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