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Pam shares her experience with Tijuana Bariatris in her medical tourism testimonial. She explains her struggle with weight loss and dieting as well as her reluctance as a health professional to seek medical care outside of the United States. However, Pam credits the high safety standards, cleanliness, and exceptional patient care in shaping her life-changing experience and her newfound respect for medical tourism.

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My name is Pam Williams. I'm from the South, as you can tell, and I have always been a chubby child. And then I went through that period in time where I lost weight while I was in high school, in college. Then I got married later in life, had a baby, gained 50 pounds, gained 75, lost most of it, got divorced, gained 50 pounds, lost some of it. Gain, loss. Gain, loss. Gain, loss. I've tried every diet there is in the world. You name it, I've been on it. I was on Weight Watchers three times, and I gained weight three times. I've done Nutrisystem. I've done Medifast. I've been seen by a doctor. You name it. I've done it. Low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie, starved to death. Nothing really worked, or it worked for a little while and didn't work for long. I was fed up and just wanted a better life. I'm tired of foot problems, and hip problems, and shoulder problems, and high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. I'm fixing to be a grandma, and so I want to live life. I'm tired of being fat and not being able to do things I want to do. I was really lucky because my cousin came first so I kind of knew what was going to happen. But it was really, really good. I'm a nurse and so I had patients who had come to Tijuana for a lot of different things and I would fuss at them. You know, "Don't go down there. I'm worried about that." Well, then Christie came, and we . . . I talked to a lot of other people who had been down here. I did a lot of research. I can say, without a doubt, as a medical professional, it was aboveboard. Everything was perfect. The place is immaculate. I have never seen a hospital this clean, ever. Ever. So it's just . . . everybody was so nice and so friendly, and everything was so clean. I was really pleased. I watched people wash their hands. I watched people, you know, use alcohol. I watched them change gloves. I'm really picky about those kinds of things. I was worried about blood transfusions. So I asked. So I wouldn't even sign the paper till they answered my questions. I'm kind of picky. But the doctor even talked to me about all the regulations that the blood banks have to go through here. So everything was up to United States standards, if not above, so I was . . . I'm very, very pleased. And the facility is just gorgeous, just gorgeous. The rooms, I have never seen a hospital room as big as ours. So everybody was really professional. They were really friendly. All your questions were answered. I cannot say . . . I don't think I could have been any happier, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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