Benefits of Bariatric Surgery


Christine explains the benefits of bariatric surgery that she has experienced since undergoing surgical care through Tijuana Bariatric Center. In addition to losing 60 pounds, she has seen improvements in her energy levels and ability to sleep through the night. She also discusses the exceptional care she received before, during, and after surgery that created a positive experience for her.

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My name is Christine Holland. I'm 42 years old. I've struggled with weight since, probably, the early 2000s, come to find out I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2008. And, since then, it's just been a complete struggle because my body didn't know when to hold onto weight, when to let go of weight. I couldn't lose weight on my own, regardless of what I tried: pills, diet, whatever. So, a friend of mine had this done a couple years ago, and she recommended that I look into it. So, I talked to my physicians and we all agreed that it was worth a shot, just to see. I had the surgery December 26th and, as of yesterday, I'm down 60 pounds. My lab work has not been within normal limits since before 2008. I had lab work done last week. It's completely within normal limits. I'm not tired anymore. I sleep all night. It's just been amazing. Everybody was wonderful. If you didn't understand what they were trying to tell you, or you had a question and they didn't understand you, they would go find somebody to help explain it. You didn't have to ask for anything. You didn't have to wonder what was going to happen next. Somebody was always there to tell you, "Okay, this is fixing to happen. This is where you're going from here. This is what you can expect. This is what to expect before surgery, what to expect after surgery." You know, there was somebody always there to coach you and cheer you on, and, "Come on, you know, we know you're sore, but come on, you can walk. You can do it." You know, just, it was wonderful, everybody, and they actually showed you that they cared. They just didn't tell you that they cared, they actually showed you. So, it was great. If you get the opportunity to do it and you've been struggling to do it, don't think about it, just do it. You know, it's just . . . it's completely changed my life.

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