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The number of people undergoing bariatric surgery increases every year, and their expectations for surgery often differ significantly. Coming to a decision of which weight-loss surgery procedure to undergo could be challenging. The most widely accepted bariatric surgeries due to their success are restrictive surgeries (such as gastric sleeve) and malabsorptive surgeries (such as gastric bypass). Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a combination of the minimally invasive technique of a restrictive surgery and the quick results from a malabsorptive procedure? Here is the good news: now it is possible! Thanks to the latest and most extraordinary bariatric procedure called SADI-S surgery.
anatomy of sadi-s surgery

What is SADI-S Surgery?

SADI-S is short for Single Anastomosis Duodeno–Ileal Sleeve Gastrectomy. This bariatric procedure is based on decades of experience since it is a simple modification of a duodenal switch and sleeve gastrectomy.  Furthermore, during the SADI-S bariatric procedure, the bariatric surgeon will leave only 9 feet or 3 meters of intestine for you to absorb nutrients. Moreover, a gastric sleeve in the stomach is created first to reduce the capacity and only holds around 8 to 10 oz. of food. As a result, thanks to these restrictive and malabsorptive components, patients can experience the most significant amount of weight loss and the lowest chance of regaining weight. Tijuana Bariatrics is one of the very few bariatric centers that offer SADI-S surgery in North America. 

Who Are the Best Candidates for SADI-S Bariatric Surgery?

Essentially, SADI-S surgery is an excellent complementary or revision surgery for patients who underwent gastric sleeve or gastric band in the past. Yet, they still have excess body weight or have difficulties keeping the weight off. Since this surgery uses similar malabsorption methods, gastric bypass patients cannot be eligible for SADI-S bariatric surgery.

Furthermore, SADI-S has become an extraordinary bariatric revision surgery option for patients who, in the past, have undergone a bariatric procedure, but over time, their physical anatomy changed. Thus, requiring a revision bariatric surgery.

Also, due to a behavioral change or major changes in their circumstances, it is possible that some bariatric patients regain some weight, for example, a stressful event. Therefore, a SADI-S procedure can overturn those effects regarding their weight.

Consequently, SADI-S has proven to be a fabulous long-term solution to obesity and its unpleasant effects. Consider the following enhancements, reversals, or remissions that have been reported on comorbidities following this latest bariatric surgery: hypertension 83%, hyperlipidemia 99%, sleep apnea 92%, and the greatest of all, type 2 diabetes in 99% of cases.

The Time to Take Control Is Now

What are the Disadvantages of SADI-S?

In reality, this bariatric procedure has minimal disadvantages, especially when they are compared to the benefits. Probably, the most prevalent common side effect that bariatric patients have experienced in the months following SADI-S surgery is the appearance of smelly flatulence and diarrhea in a few cases. Nonetheless, these side effects can frequently be mitigated through a healthy diet, which includes reducing or cutting off simple carbs. Therefore, bariatric patients are encouraged to avoid foods with high sugar content, most of which are added to different products. For example, some common simple carbs added to products include raw sugar, brown sugar, and different syrups types. Moreover, simple carbs are usually found in drinks with glucose, fructose, sucrose, fruit juice concentrate, cookies, pastries, and, of course, sodas.

Granted, something to consider for this bariatric surgery is the requirement to strictly adhere to dietary recommendations, life-long vitamin/mineral supplementation, and follow-up guidelines

What are the Advantages and Benefits of SADI-S Surgery?

As it was brought out in the outset, SADI-S is indeed the latest bariatric surgery technique. Yet, it uses ample experience and success from other types of weight loss procedures. Hence, bariatric surgeons take only 1.5 to 2 hours in the operating room for this surgical procedure. After that, bariatric patients take about 30 minutes to 1 hour in the recovery room, and after only 4 hours, the bariatric patient is able to start walking on the premises. Certainly, it is a speedy recovery. The reason? Bariatric surgeons use the latest laparoscopic technology to perform minimally invasive surgery.

Furthermore, this SADI-S surgery requires no more than 2 nights in the hospital facilities. During this period, the bariatric surgeon, doctors, and nutritionist will frequently be checking up on you. Also, advise you on proper aftercare and diet and provide information about the tests you will need to undergo for your follow-up treatment. As soon as the doctors approve of your discharge, you will spend two nights at the hotel before going home.

Think about the following advantages and benefits of SADI-S surgery:

 - A more significant weight-loss than other bariatric procedures

SADI-S bariatric patients enjoy the satisfaction of losing up to 40 lbs. in the first month and will continue to lose up to 90% of the excess weight within 6 to 8 months while minimizing the chances of gaining it back later on.

 - Speedy recovery

SADI-S bariatric patients experience a speedy recovery with no more than 2 days in the hospital. Plus, they can usually go back to work one week after returning home from their bariatric surgery.

 - Combination of restriction and malabsorption techniques

SADI-S surgery is less complicated than the Roux-en-Y or gastric bypass procedure. Granted, this bariatric surgery is a combination of malabsorption and restriction methods. Consequently, they experience a more significant proportion of healing from metabolic problems.

 - Less Invasive

Thanks to laparoscopic surgery, this bariatric method is less invasive and leaves patients with minimal scarring.

 - Dramatic appetite reduction

Following the SADI-S surgery, there is a complete reduction in the area that produces the ghrelin hormone, the main responsible for making a person feel hungry.

More Health Benefits Through of SADI-S Surgery

Unfortunately, severe obesity affects most of the body's organs since it is a potential risk factor for some forms of cancer, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Thankfully though, between six months to a year following a SADI-S procedure, many patients dramatically reduce or, in some cases, completely eliminate the medications they used to need for their conditions or diseases due to obesity. Plus, women have found that their fertility levels increase significantly after bariatric surgery and easily become pregnant.

Furthermore, there is a glucose control the first week after the surgery and normalization of glycosylated hemoglobin levels only three months after the bariatric procedure.

Consequently, SADI-S surgery increases exponentially bariatric patient's quality of life.

Statistics of patients undergoing weight-loss surgery typically have these results:

  • Type II diabetes resolved in 77% and improved by 86% (99% for SADI-S patients)
  • High blood pressure eliminated by 62% and improved in 79% (83% for SADI-S patients)
  • High cholesterol reduced by 70% (99% for SADI-S patients)
  • Obstructive sleep apnea resolved in 85% (92% for SADI-S patients)

Is SADI-S Surgery Right for Me?

Of course, the optimal weight loss surgery depends on the bariatric patient's overall health, body type, and medical history. If you have an extremely high BMI or have had abdominal surgery before, the bariatric surgeons may not recommend simpler surgeries. Schedule a free consultation to talk to a bariatric specialist about the pros and cons of each type of bariatric surgery, such as SADI-S.

You can rest assured that your bariatric surgeon will have plenty of experience doing the procedure you need and make a plan according to your specific needs when you choose

Tijuana Bariatrics.


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