Restore Balance to Your Figure with Breast Reduction Surgery

Many people enjoy improved health and self-confidence after bariatric surgery for weight loss. However, significant weight loss can leave the breasts flat or disproportionately sized. Qualified medical professionals working through Tijuana Bariatrics can offer a breast reduction at a Tijuana, Mexico, hospital to reduce the size of your breasts after massive weight loss. The practice offers safe, affordable procedures at facilities held to the same rigid standards as those in the U.S.

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Breast reduction can restore balance and symmetry to your figure. 

Body Contouring

A breast reduction is one of many options for body contouring after massive weight loss. These types of surgeries remove excess skin and reshape remaining tissue for a more youthful, attractive appearance.

Tijuana Bariatrics offers safe, affordable breast reduction surgery at facilities held to the same  rigid standards as those in the U.S.

Breast Reduction Candidates

Typically, breast reduction is a procedure performed on women with overly large breasts which cause back pain, shortness of breath, self-consciousness, and difficulty finding clothing that fits well. Oftentimes, women with large breasts cannot comfortably participate in aerobic exercise. This can lead to weight gain, which may make breasts even larger.

Another case in which breast reduction may be recommended is after bariatric surgery or significant weight loss. As we lose fat on our legs, abdomen, arms, and face, breasts also shrink in size. This can result in breasts that look droopy, flat, and hang. A breast reduction will remove excess skin to create a smaller, rounder bust that is more proportionate.

The Procedure

Breast reduction surgery requires that you be in good health and do not smoke. Before the surgery, you will be made comfortable and sedated with general anesthesia. The surgeon will make an incision beneath the breast, where it will be hidden within the natural fold, then upward to the nipple. This incision pattern is called an anchor incision, due to the shape. An incision will be made around the nipple, as well, so that it can be repositioned. The surgeon will remove skin vertically and horizontally, as needed, then place the nipple in a higher position and suture the incisions closed. Depending on the amount of modification needed, the surgeon may use alternative incisions.

Healing and Recovery

You will need to plan on taking approximately two weeks off of work following breast reduction surgery. A compression garment or elastic bandage will be worn on your breasts for a few weeks to enhance contouring and promote healing. Follow the provided post-operative instructions, and take regular walks around your home to improve circulation. Prescriptions or over-the-counter pain medications can help manage any discomfort. You should also keep your upper body elevated to help reduce swelling. 

Recovery will be complete about six months after the procedure, at which time you will be able to see the final results of your surgery. Although most of the incisions are made to camouflage scarring, any visible scars will continue to fade over time. 

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Tijuana Bariatrics has the tools you need to look and feel your very best. If you have lost a significant amount of weight or are planning on undergoing bariatric surgery, contact us to discuss body contouring procedures that will complement your weight loss. 

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