Improving Your Bust Line with Breast Augmentation

In addition to bariatric surgery and post weight loss body contouring procedures, patients who are unhappy with their bust line can take advantage of breast augmentation in Monterrey and Tijuana, Mexico. This procedure can increase the size of your bust to help you achieve the silhouette you have always wanted. By undergoing surgery abroad through a qualified surgeon’s network that follows the rigorous US standards, you can also receive care that is cost-effective without sacrificing your safety.

What Is a Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgery performed to increase the size of the breast or restore volume lost due to age, weight loss, or pregnancy. The doctors working through TJ Bariatrics offer this procedure for cosmetic purposes, either to enhance the breasts or to improve symmetry. It is important to note that a breast augmentation is not the same as a breast lift. While the former increases size and volume, the latter raises only the existing tissue for a perkier breast. However, these two procedures can be combined for optimal results.

The doctors working through the Tijuana Bariatrics network can place incisions discreetly so that any scars are minimal and can be covered by normal, everyday clothing.

How Is it Done?

While a number of different augmentation methods exist, breast implants are the most common choice for this procedure. These small, specialized implants are placed inside the breast – either directly below the breast tissue or underneath the underlying muscle. How implants are placed depends on whether the implants are filled with silicone or saline. If made of silicone, expanders may first be used to gradually increase the pocket of space available for the implant, after which, the implant itself is placed. If filled with saline, the deflated implant is inserted first and is then filled to the desired size. The location of incisions can also vary depending on patient preference and the type of implant chosen.

Types of Implants

Each implant material offers certain unique benefits. Because saline implants can be filled after placement, the surgical incision is much smaller and the procedure both less risky and more affordable. Patients can consequently receive saline implants at 18 years of age, whereas only patients who are older than 22 are eligible for silicone. However, silicone implants can provide a much more natural feel than saline-filled implants and typically last much longer. The option that is recommended for you will depend on your aesthetic goals and body type.

graph comparing silicone and saline breast implants

Both silicone and saline implants offer unique benefits.

What to Expect During Treatment

Before undergoing surgery, you must first meet with a potential surgeon for a consultation. During this meeting, the doctor will ask a number of questions about your aesthetic goals and medical history to make sure that a breast augmentation is the most appropriate treatment. If you qualify, you can both begin a discussion about the best size and implant options for your procedure. It is important to keep in mind that your body frame, current breast size, skin elasticity, as well as a number of other factors can place limitations on the size of the implants you can receive.  

Once you have chosen the size and type of implant to receive and the surgery techniques to be used, your surgery date can be set. While all surgeries carry a certain amount of risk, breast augmentation is a common procedure that is less invasive than other plastic surgeries. Patients can typically leave the hospital the same day of their procedure, though you will need to spend the next few days resting. Your doctor may also prescribe medications to apply on the skin or take orally in order to reduce the risk of infection. Although patients can often return to work within a week of surgery, you should avoid exercise and heavy labor for at least four weeks. Throughout this period, you will also need to wear a special support bra to minimize swelling and support the breasts during the healing process.

You should keep in mind that scarring cannot be avoided. However, the doctors working through the Tijuana Bariatrics network can place incisions discreetly underneath the breast crease, around the nipple, or under the arm so that any scars are minimal and can be covered by normal, everyday clothing.

Contact The Network Today

If you are considering a breast augmentation or other plastic surgery options, the surgeons working through the Tijuana Bariatrics network can coordinate thorough care to ensure a swift recovery and quick, lasting results. Reach out today to schedule an appointment with one of the doctors. 

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