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before and after bariatric surgery weight lossAt Tijuana Bariatrics our surgeons offer several bariatric surgery techniques. Though each of the methods vary slightly, bariatric surgery reduces the size of the stomach and alters the digestive tract so that patients lose a significant amount of weight in a fairly short amount of time.

When people come to our bariatric center, serving Tijuana, Mexico; Monterrey, Mexico; and surrounding areas, they often want to know exactly how much weight they will lose and in what timeframe. Specific bariatric surgery results vary based on post-surgical care and diet and exercise habits, but the average bariatric surgery weight loss timeline is discussed here.

First Three Months Following Surgery

Regardless of which bariatric surgery technique is performed, the procedure will significantly reduce the size of the stomach. This greatly limits the amount of food that the stomach can hold. Most bariatric techniques also alter the digestive tract, so that the body absorbs fewer calories.

Because of the alterations made to the stomach and the digestive system, patients need to follow a liquid diet for the first week post-surgery. After this they can progress to pureed foods. It is usually several weeks before the body can handle soft foods and nearly two months before regular foods can be consumed.

The physical changes to the body along with the severe diet changes immediately following surgery result in a large amount of weight loss for most of our Tijuana patients in the first three months following surgery. On average, patients can expect to lose around 25 to 35 percent of their excess weight during this timeframe.

Six Months after Surgery

Between three and six months after bariatric surgery, patients can expect to continue to see excess pounds shed. However, at this stage of recovery, weight loss is likely to slow down. Whereas patients may lose around 2-3 pounds a week during the first three months following treatment, that may slow down to 1-2 pounds a week between months three and six. This rate of weight loss still provides excellent results. By six months post-surgery the average patient will have lost between 45 and 55 percent of excess body weight.

Average Weight Loss One Year after Surgery

If patients continue to practice good diet and exercise habits, weight loss should remain slow and steady during the first year following bariatric surgery. On average, patients lose 65 to 70 percent of excess weight by the one-year anniversary of their procedure, which brings many to their weight loss goal, or very close to reaching that goal. 

18 Months after Surgery

By 18 months after bariatric surgery, most patients have lost 75 to 80 percent of excess weight. At this point it is likely that weight loss will plateau. This is to be expected, since most are within their ideal weight range. Once weight loss results have been achieved, patients should focus on continuing healthy habits so that they can maintain their weight long-term.

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