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Overweight femaleBariatric surgery is meant to encourage substantial weight loss in a relatively short period of time. When bariatric surgery is not a success, whether due to surgical complications or ineffective weight loss results, it can be extremely disheartening. Individuals who are dissatisfied with their initial bariatric procedure often wonder if you can get bariatric surgery twice.

Patients who identify with these concerns can work with Tijuana Bariatrics to coordinate a revision weight loss surgery to achieve the results they desire.

The practice has two locations in Tijuana, Mexico, and Monterrey, Mexico, to provide affordable and safe treatment.

Candidates for Revision Weight Loss Surgery

Although it is possible to undergo a second bariatric procedure, it is not recommended in all cases. To determine if a person is an ideal candidate for revision weight loss surgery, doctors first need to consider the reason that the surgery is being considered.

Insufficient Weight Loss

Most often, people seek revision surgery because they have not achieved their weight loss results in a reasonable amount of time, or they have regained weight. If insufficient weight loss is the result of surgical complications, or if surgical complications are causing nutrient deficiencies or other concerns, revision surgery is likely to be the right choice. However, if individuals have begun overeating, or are not following a nutritious diet, they should make appropriate lifestyle changes to get back on track with their weight loss efforts.

Surgical Complications

If revision weight loss surgery is needed to adjust surgical alterations or address complications, individuals should be ideal candidates as long as they are in good overall health, are free of conditions that could increase the risk of surgery, and have realistic expectations for the results of their procedure. Finally, all revision weight loss surgery candidates must also be committed to maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Revision Weight Loss Techniques

There are numerous revision weight loss techniques available. Possible revision techniques include:

  • Replacing or repositioning a LAP-BAND® device
  • Converting a LAP-BAND procedure to gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery
  • “Re-sleeving” a gastric sleeve procedure (reducing the size of a stretched stomach)
  • Converting a gastric sleeve procedure to a gastric bypass
  • Resizing the smaller, upper portion of the stomach if it stretches after gastric bypass

A surgeon will determine the best method for each person based on which bariatric technique was performed during their initial surgical procedure, and what issues or complications are being addressed with the revision surgery. 

Revision Weight Loss Surgery Success

A large number of people find great success with revision weight loss surgery. However, it is important that they are committed to maintaining a healthy diet and active exercise routine. These habits will not only encourage weight loss after revision surgery, but also promote long-term weight loss results.

It is important to note that although bariatric surgery can offer impressive results, it is somewhat limited. Even after successful weight loss, individuals may struggle with excess skin or stubborn deposits of fat that do not respond to diet or exercise. To address these concerns, plastic surgery may be the best option.

Reach out to Tijuana Bariatrics Today

If you are struggling with your weight after bariatric surgery or have experienced complications, you may be an ideal candidate for revision weight loss surgery. To discuss your concerns with Tijuana Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, and Monterrey, Mexico, send the team a message today. You can also call the practice at (800) 308-3607.

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