Converting LAP-BAND® to Gastric Sleeve or Bypass By info on May 24, 2017

Bariatric surgeryEvery year, many patients come to our bariatric surgical center to learn more about weight loss surgery. Our doctors offer a range of bariatric surgery procedures that allow patients to lose a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time. These procedures are ideal for patients who are morbidly obese, those with health problems related to their weight, and people who have been unable to lose excessive weight through diet and exercise.

One popular bariatric method is the LAP-BAND® system. This is a minimally invasive surgery that reduces the stomach’s capacity. While widely successful, some patients undergo LAP-BAND® surgery, only to desire revision down the road. Our doctors are happy to discuss the process of converting a LAP-BAND® to gastric sleeve or bypass, and are ready to help our Tijuana, Mexico patients determine if this is the right choice for them.

When to Consider LAP-BAND® Revision

The LAP-BAND® system is a popular technique for bariatric surgery. During this procedure, an adjustable band is placed around the stomach. This band limit’s the stomach’s capacity, minimizing the amount of food or drink that can be consumed at a single sitting. The LAP-BAND® also helps patients stay full longer so that they eat less throughout the day. This procedure can be extremely effective in helping patients lose significant weight.

However, for a small number of patients, the LAP-BAND® either stops being effective, or complications occur. The following are the most common reasons a patient may consider a LAP-BAND® revision:

  • Weight loss slows down over time
  • The amount of weight loss is minimal
  • The band slips or erodes
  • An infection develops around the band or port
  • The patient is intolerant to the band

Revision Options

If a patient is dissatisfied with the results of LAP-BAND® surgery, there are two revision options to consider. Our doctors can remove the LAP-BAND® system and perform either gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. In either case, this revision can be performed as a two-part, single procedure (first the LAP-BAND® will be removed, and then the appropriate alterations will be made). This saves our patients the time and money that would need to be devoted to a second surgical procedure.

Below is a brief description of each of these revision options:

  • Gastric sleeve: During gastric sleeve surgery, we remove a large portion of the stomach, roughly 85 percent. This greatly reduces the amount of food the patient can consume, causes a full feeling faster, and results in significant weight loss.
  • Gastric bypass: During gastric bypass, our surgeons divide the stomach into two sections. We attach the smaller, lower section to the small intestines. This procedure alters the size of the stomach and also redirects the digestive tract. As a result, patients can eat less food and absorb fewer calories and nutrients. This alteration results in dramatic and rapid weight loss.

Our doctors can go over each of these procedures in further detail and help patients determine which revision method is most appropriate for their unique situation.

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