Bust a Move: How Inactivity Contributes to Obesity By info on March 20, 2016

An obese man's waistlineThe team at Tijuana Bariatrics takes a holistic approach to obesity treatment, offering safe and effective bariatric surgery as well as guidance for the weeks and months after the procedure is performed. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to focus on improving habits and promoting a healthier way of life.

Last time we mentioned how a poor diet can lead to obesity and morbid obesity, and we noted we'd talk about how sedentary lifestyles can contribute to the problem. Let's take a moment to consider these matters right now.

Physical Activity Is Crucial for a Healthy Weight

In an average week, getting some exercise in is crucial to maintaining a healthy weight and keeping those excess pounds off.

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week, or they could opt for 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week. This number is higher for children, who should be active and playing for at least 60 minutes each day.

Burning Calories and Weight Loss

Let's break down the numbers above. Just walking for about 22 minutes a day will help you reach your minimum fitness goal. Similarly, working out hard for just 11 minutes a day will help you reach that amount. This helps you burn off calories you've consumed in a day. Just walking regularly can go a long way toward getting the minimum amount of exercise you need.

If you consume more than 2000 calories in a day, your activity level will need to go up to help burn off the excess calories that you consume. In essence, consider the calories you consume the fuel you can burn off through exercise and physical activity.

Exercise also improves overall wellness, including your cardiovascular health and general sense of energy and wellness through the day. Some studies find, however, that only 50 percent of Americans meet these guidelines for minimum weekly physical activity. Given the demands of the workday and the busy nature of one's personal life, it can be difficult to get motivated and get moving.

What Happens When You Lead a Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyles mean that the calories you consume are not burned off, which results in weight gain. This leads to a vicious cycle. As people's weight increases, their level of physical activity is likely to decrease, which leads to further weight gain. That's why long-term sedentary lifestyles can actually contribute to obesity or morbid obesity.

Even if your diet does not change but your activity level goes down, you're bound to put on extra weight. It's the way our bodies are built and how they process calories. Thankfully there are solutions for these issues.

How Bariatric Surgery Can Help

As we noted before, bariatric surgery helps reduce calorie consumption and/or calorie absorption, both of which are important to consider when it comes to promoting healthy and safe weight loss. Each procedure is tailored to the needs of the patient.

Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

After bariatric surgery, it's important for patients to get moving. In the early days of recovery, simply walking a little each day helps prevent blood clots. After full recovery, exercise each day can improve wellness, promote further weight loss, and get your stronger and healthier. It's part of the important lifestyle changes patients experience after their bariatric procedure is performed.

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