Reasons Why Patients Undergo Bariatric Revision Surgery By info on January 18, 2016

A couple in the hospitalTijuana Bariatrics works with a network of skilled bariatric surgeons. Each of these weight loss specialists has a record of excellent surgical results that has attracted patients from across the border to our state-of-the-art weight loss surgery center.

There are many bariatric surgery options for optimal weight loss, and we can discuss them with you in greater detail during your visit. For this post, we want to focus on the need for surgical revision of a bariatric procedure.

What Is Revision Bariatric Surgery?

A revision bariatric surgery refers to a secondary weight loss procedure that is performed to address a complication or a failure in the initial bariatric surgery. A corrective procedure, the revision bariatric surgery helps people achieve wellness and addresses any possible wellness issues that may occur.

Is Revision Bariatric Surgery Common?

In general, no. Revision bariatric procedures are only performed when a patient does not achieve satisfactory results the first time around.

During the consultation process, we always make sure that patients understand their treatment options in full detail, and we help them make the smartest choices possible about their weight loss surgery options. Proper discussion and treatment planning makes great results more likely.

That said, there is nothing wrong with the need for revision bariatric surgery since patients have different experiences with regard to the treatment process.

Failure to Lose Weight/Regaining Weight

One of the common reasons why people undergo revision bariatric surgery is that they fail to lose a sufficient amount of weight following their initial weight loss procedure. In addition, some patients may experience a regain in their weight following weight loss surgery. Revision weight loss surgery will help patients lose a proper amount of weight and achieve better wellness in the process.

Slippage or Adjustment of the Gastric Band

If a patient has undergone a gastric banding procedure, he or she may have experiences a slippage of the band. In such cases, a revision or adjustment of the gastric band will be necessary to help facilitate safe and proper weight loss or improve the weight loss results overall.

Problems with Swallowing and Diet

In some cases, patients may experience issues with their diet and even problems swallowing food as a result of a surgical complication or problem. With these matters in mind, a revision bariatric procedure helps address these problems and leads to better health and wellness overall.

Mechanical Failure of the Bariatric Surgery

Different kinds of weight loss surgery have different mechanisms and methods of facilitating rapid and safe weight loss. There are times when the method of weight loss simply fails for a patient, and this may be due to a variety of reasons. When there is some form of mechanical failure in a bariatric procedure, a revision surgery makes the necessary changes to ensure that patients can lose weight, keep the weight off, and do so safely and healthily.

Medical Complications from the Initial Bariatric Procedure

Some patients may experience serious complications after their initial bariatric surgery, including potential infection or issues with the revised organs of their digestive tract. A revision bariatric surgery will help address these complications and improve patient health in the long run.

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