Gastric Sleeve - What to Expect During Week One By info on July 17, 2015

A woman holding a question markPatients who meet with our bariatric surgeons are glad that he provides ample information about the entire surgical procedure. This is important for gastric sleeve (sleeve gastrectomy) patients at our Tijuana bariatric surgery practice who want to have realistic expectations about the overall results of a procedure.

Let's take a look at what patients can expect during the first week of recovery from gastric sleeve. We'll spend the rest of the month considering those crucial early weeks of the healing process.

General Expectations: The First Week of Gastric Sleeve Recovery

The first week after gastric sleeve surgery will be the week in which side effects are most pronounced. This is to be expected since patients are just getting out of surgery and their body is adjusting to the various changes it has gone through.

With that in mind, however, patients at our practice will be carefully cared for during the first week since they will be near the practice for monitoring before going home. This extra attention paid in the early days of recovery helps ensure the overall success of the gastric sleeve procedure in the long run.

Common Side Effects in the First Week of Gastric Sleeve Recovery

Some of the most common side effects that patients experience after their gastric sleeve surgery include the following:

  • Soreness throughout the body
  • Fatigue or sick
  • Feeling cold
  • Changes in your mood
  • Dryness of the skin
  • Hair thinning/hair loss

Keep in mind that these side effects are temporary, and that they will resolve themselves in time. (Note: Hair loss and thinning typically does not become an issue until weeks or months after surgery as your body is adjusting to the changes it has undergone.)

Your Diet During the First Week of Gastric Sleeve Recovery

In the first week after your gastric sleeve surgery, your diet will be comprised entirely of clear liquids. This means water, certain kinds of broths, sugar-free gelatin, and sugar-free popsicles. This will all help your digestive system make the transition back into solid foods, but this has to be taken slowly.

Activities to Avoid During the First Week of Gastric Sleeve Recovery

While patients will be encouraged to do very light walking in their hotel room as they heal, there are some activities that they will want to avoid. These include the following:

  • Strenuous physical activities
  • Heavy lifting
  • Sexual activity
  • Bending over at the waist
  • Consuming alcohol
  • Consuming caffeinated beverages
  • Using tobacco products

You Will Be Near the Practice During This Early Phase of Recovery

Patients will be in the area in that first crucial week of recovery. The first night or so will be spent in a hospital for monitoring, and so the gastric sleeve can be checked multiple times to ensure there are no leaks in the stomach pouch. Patients will also be provided with accommodations at a hotel near the weight loss surgery center. A private driver will be provided to assist in trips to the practice for the early follow-up appointments.

Learn More About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

For more information about gastric sleeve surgery, it's important that you contact our weight loss surgery center today. We will work with you to ensure that you receive all the information you need for effective weight loss surgery treatment.

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