5 Reasons Why You May Not Be Losing Weight After Gastric Sleeve By info on April 30, 2015

Standing on the bathroom scaleHere at Tijuana Bariatrics, we always make sure that patients understand the risks and benefits of gastric sleeve surgery (sleeve gastrectomy). By knowing what to expect before the surgery is performed, patients are able to have realistic expectations about the care that they will receive.

One potential issue that a patient may experience is a lack of weight loss following surgery. Let's look at five reasons why you may not be losing weight after your gastric sleeve procedure.

Reason #1: You May Be Consuming Too Many Calories

Even though you won't be experiencing as much hunger as you did in the past and your diet changes drastically, it is still possible to be consuming too many calories after gastric sleeve surgery. Make sure that you are eating smart and healthy, and be careful about snacking too much through the day. Sometimes a glass of water may be better than a bit of food.

Reason #2: You Might Be Sedentary and Not Burning Calories

Undergoing gastric sleeve isn't enough. It's important that you be as active as you can be. Working off calories is a crucial part of losing weight and being healthy.

When you exercise, focus on cardio as well as strength and flexibility. Check with your general practitioner about some ideal exercises for you if you need help.

Reason #3: Starting Weight Can Make a Difference to Rate of Weight Loss

Sometimes a patient's starting weight before the gastric sleeve is performed can affect the rate and nature of the weight loss experienced. Patients who are obese rather than morbidly obese may notice differences in the rate of weight loss, for instance. Your bariatric surgeon will cover these matters during the consultation process.

Reason #4: You Are Losing Weight, Just Not as Rapidly as You Expect

While rapid weight loss is often the norm with gastric sleeve and other kinds of bariatric procedures, sometimes patients will experience periods of slower weight loss. Just keep in mind that losing a few pounds each week for a little while is still okay, especially if you're noticing other improvements to your general health and wellness.

Reason #5: The Surgery May Be Ineffective and Require Revision

If none of the above are the reason that you are not losing weight, then you may have had a poorly performed gastric sleeve surgery and will require revision to experience proper weight loss. This tends to involve a secondary surgery to make the stomach pouch even smaller. Our team works carefully to avoid the need for such revisions.

Keep in Mind: Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery Can Differ from Patient to Patient

Sometimes patients are discouraged that they are not losing as much weight as others who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery. Similarly, patients may be unhappy that they are not losing weight as fast as other patients.

Remember: your body is your own, and there are many differences in the rate of weight loss and the nature of weight loss that you experience. Consult with your bariatric surgeon if you have any issues related to your weight loss following a procedure.

Learn More by Contacting Tijuana Bariatrics

For more information about gastric sleeve and your many other options for advanced surgical weight loss, be sure to contact our weight loss surgery and bariatrics doctors. We look forward to meeting you in person and discussing these matters in greater detail.

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