Gastric Sleeve, Cancer Prevention, and Stomach Cancer Risks By info on March 24, 2015

An older couple outside smilingWhen our bariatric specialists discuss weight loss surgery with patients, they take care to address the risks as well as the benefits of the procedure. This commitment to straight talk is what draws so many people to Tijuana Bariatrics.

We've discussed the safety and effectiveness of gastric sleeve surgery for major weight loss in the past, though we'd like to look at the issue of gastric sleeve surgery with regard to cancer. There are advantages when it comes to preventing cancer, though also a number of concerns when it comes to family history of stomach cancer.

The Link Between Obesity and Cancer

A number of studies have shown a potential link between obesity/morbid obesity and cancer. The National Cancer Institute has noted that obesity is linked to an increased risk of developing the following kinds of cancers:

  • Breast cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Throat cancer

The reasons for this increased risk are various. For one, increased body fat can produce high levels of estrogen and other sorts of hormones that are associated with various kinds of cancers. The increased insulin levels in the blood may also contribute to the development of cancer and tumors. This is just one of many reasons why people should consider achieving a more ideal weight in order to be healthier overall.

Can bariatric surgery reduce your risk of developing cancer?


Bariatric surgery helps reduce the risk of developing numerous kinds of cancers by causing rapid yet safe weight loss in patients. This weight loss is coupled with many other healthy lifestyle changes for patients, including increased exercise and healthier diet.

Other Health Conditions That Gastric Sleeve Can Prevent

In addition to reducing the risk of cancer, gastric sleeve surgery has been known to help prevent or reduce the risk of heart disease, hypertension, joint problems, and strokes. Some studies have shown that gastric sleeve surgery has been able to cure diabetes in some patients.

What if stomach cancer runs in my family?

Since gastric sleeve surgery involves the resizing and alteration of the stomach, a number of patients whose families have a history of stomach cancer wonder if the procedure is right for them.

We can assess your risk for developing stomach cancer as part of the consultation process and determine if gastric sleeve will be ideal for you and your situation. If the genetic risk of stomach cancer is high, then alternatives to gastric sleeve or bariatric surgery in general can be discussed during the consultation process.

What happens if I had a gastric sleeve but develop stomach cancer?

If a gastric sleeve patient does develop stomach cancer in the future, the most common treatment will be the removal of the stomach and the creation of a small roux limb at the end of the esophagus. This process would be similar to a gastric bypass in a number of ways.

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