Gastric Sleeve Incisions: Where Are They Located? By info on January 24, 2015

A stomach with some stretchmarksThe doctors of Tijuana Bariatrics have a great understanding of patient needs and concerns. Whenever a patients undergoes gastric sleeve surgery for safe surgical weight loss, they always offer detailed information about the procedure, the results of bariatric surgery, and the healing process. With that in mind, we want to consider the incisions that are made for gastric sleeve surgery so patients have a better perspective of what the process entails.

How many incisions are made for gastric sleeve surgery?

It depends on the nature of the surgery, though in most cases there will be roughly five incisions made, often ranging from a few centimeters to about two inches in length. In some gastric sleeve surgeries, just one incision is necessary, and its size will vary based on its location.

The ideal number of incisions for you and your needs will be determined by the complexity of your case and other factors.

Where are these incisions located along the abdominal area?

For most gastric sleeve procedures, there is one incision at the upper abdominal area and additional incisions made along the abdomen generally at, just above, or around the belly button level. Single incision gastric sleeves typically involve a single incision on the side or a single incision made in the belly button.

Why are multiple incisions usually necessary?

Multiple incisions are made in order to provide weight loss surgeons with excellent access, flexibility, and safety when performing the procedure. The surgery will involve a small camera placed into the abdominal area, with additional incisions allowing the surgeon to use other small tools. Having a few small incisions prevents the need for a large single incision along the abdominal wall.

How will these incision look as I heal from gastric sleeve surgery?

Incisions from gastric sleeve surgery are relatively small, all things considered. In the weeks after gastric sleeve, you will notice bruising and swelling around the incision sites as well as the abdominal region in general. This is a natural response to surgery and the bruising, swelling, and other kinds of discoloration will fade with time.

How noticeable is scarring after gastric sleeve surgery?

One of the advantages of small incisions is that they tend to fade very well with time. With proper healing and care, the scarring after surgery will be very subtle and hard to notice.

How can I minimize potential risks of scarring after gastric sleeve?

In order to reduce the visibility of scarring in the long run, patients should follow their pre-op and post-op instructions to the letter. This will prevent major complications from occurring and provide the body with ample ability to heal quickly and properly.

Other Considerations for Gastric Sleeve Surgery and Recovery

After gastric sleeve, it is not uncommon for patients to undergo body contouring surgeries after surgery to remove the loose skin and sagging tissue after major weight loss. We can discuss these matters with you during the consultation process as these incisions for surgery tend to be more noticeable, though cosmetic surgeons work hard to make them as unnoticeable as possible.

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