What to Do if You Start to Gain Weight Back After Gastric Sleeve By info on October 26, 2014

Standing on a bathroom scaleOur experts in bariatric surgery have drawn in countless patients to our practice in Tijuana thanks to our dedication to patient education and patient satisfaction. Much of this is also due to the growing popularity of gastric sleeve surgery (sleeve gastrectomy), a low-maintenance option for surgical weight loss.

Many patients wonder about regaining weight after the surgery has been performed. It's an important issue that's worth addressing, so let's tackle it right now.

Is weight gain after bariatric surgery common?

Regaining some weight in the years following your surgery is common simply given how your body adjusts to changes to the digestive tract. That said, regaining half or more of the weight that you lost from surgery is a sign of the surgery being unsuccessful or of various kinds of help/intervention being necessary.

We have discussed in the past various issues related to regaining weight after bariatric surgery, as well as tips for minimizing weight regain after bariatric surgery. We'd like to reiterate a few of these strategies here given how important a concern it is for many of our patients as well as people who may have found this blog online doing research about this issue.

Make Sure Your Diet Is Healthy

Sometimes the weight regain means that patients should take a closer look at their diets. Make sure that you're eating healthy and not just consuming less food per se. Monitor your diet habits for a few days, and consider keeping a food journal/diary so you can count calories and consider the kinds of foods you're eating.

Make Sure You're Exercising Regularly

The surgery is just one step toward a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to get physical activity into your routine as well. Cardio and strength training will help make sure you're burning calories while also consuming fewer calories.

Meet with a Support Group

Support groups, whether in person or online, are a great source of moral support and practical advice after weight loss surgery. Other people who've undergone procedures can share stories that will help you with your own experiences with regaining weight and trying to lose it.

Therapy Can Help Address Psychological Factors Related to Weight Regain

Sometimes psychological factors may contribute to the weight gain, or the weight gain may trigger psychological hardships. Whatever the case may be, it can be worthwhile to visit with a professional therapist about the hardships that you are facing. This can be an invaluable supplement to other kinds of assistance you are receiving.

Consult with Experts About Your Situation

Be sure to ask your surgeon and your general practitioner about your weight gain and what this could mean. A weight loss surgery specialist may find that you need a resleeving surgery or some other medical intervention. This professional advice will prove invaluable to getting your weight loss goals back on track.

Learn More About Bariatric Surgery

For more information about issues following bariatric surgery and what you can do to ensure the best possible results, be sure to contact our weight loss surgery center today.

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