Before and after bariatric surgery

Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Bariatric surgery can help you preserve the miracle of life. But it may seem out of your reach due to surgical costs in your home country.

Tijuana Bariatrics coordinates every step of your surgery in Mexico to ensure that it is safe and successful, yet still affordable.*

Before and after bariatric surgery

Are you worried about traveling to Mexico for weight loss surgery?

Why work with Tijuana Bariatrics exclusively?

A Network Dedicated to Helping You Achieve Life-Changing Results*

World-Class Doctors

Tijuana Bariatrics only works with experienced, well-trained, and board-certified doctors who specialize in the field of bariatric surgery. Each doctor we coordinate with has performed thousands of bariatric and metabolic procedures. They work as a close team to ensure safe, successful outcomes. 

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Surgeries are performed at the Blue Medical Tower in Tijuana, Mexico. This hospital is equipped with the latest technology and meets the same strict safety standards as hospitals in the United States. The facilities are clean, modern, and staffed by a compassionate, highly educated, and bilingual team.

Successful Results

Because our bariatric surgery office in Tijuana, Mexico, works with doctors who make treatment safe, effective, and affordable, patients travel from all over the world to undergo bariatric surgery. The team has received dozens of 5-star reviews and many patients comment on how safe and informed they felt during their entire experience.

Watch how our patient coordinators take care of every step...

Medical Tourism Accommodations

Medical tourism accommodations provided through the Tijuana Bariatrics network ensure patients are prepared to have a safe, comfortable experience. Everything is prepared for patients prior to their arrival including two nights at the hospital, two nights at the Marriott in Tijuana, a visit with the nutritionist and coordinator, and transportation back to the United States. Patients only need to concern themselves with bringing a passport or passport card to travel across the border, comfortable shoes and clothes, and any personal items they may need for recovery.

Patients highly recommend Tijuana Bariatrics...

A 5-Star Experience

"Sleeved Oct 2016. I was nervous traveling alone for surgery but it was the best experience I've ever had in a hospital. The bed side manner from doctors & staff was amazing. I've worked in hospitals before and have been a patient in many but this was the first time I've ever seen everyone friendly while trying to make you comfortable. It's clean, safe and nicely decorated. The after care is just as impressive. I highly recommend them! Thank you for giving me my life back! Almost at my goal weight :)." Alva F.

The Tijuana Bariatrics team offers various advanced weight loss procedures...

Wondering what to expect if you choose weight loss surgery in Mexico?

The Typical Timeline from Arrival to Departure

Although the exact process for every patient will be different, you can generally expect several steps:
Throughout your entire stay, you will have access to a trusted team of chauffeurs, coordinators, and physicians.
Throughout your entire stay, you will have access to a trusted team of chauffeurs, coordinators, and physicians.


You will arrive at San Diego International Airport and be greeted by a courteous, trusted chauffeur who will take you 25 minutes across the border to Tijuana.


You will check in at the Marriott Hotel, where you can enjoy some of the finest, most luxurious accommodations in the city.


The trusted physicians at the hospital will thoroughly evaluate your health to ensure that you are a good candidate for surgery. 


If you are a good candidate, your surgery will be performed as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your results shortly after.


Once you are discharged from the hospital, the staff will transport you back to the Marriott Hotel. The hospital has internet and free phone calls to Canada and Mexico so you can update your family.


Your chauffeur will safely transport you back across the border to San Diego International Airport. 

Always Available After Your Surgery

Many patients are worried that they won't have access to the medical staff after their return home. With Tijuana Bariatrics, this is not the case.

The doctors, nutritionists, and staff who assisted during your surgery are always available to answer your questions or concerns long after you return home. 

Weight loss surgery can truly change your life...*

A Tijuana Bariatrics Patient Transformation

Surgery helped this patient slim down and improve her health and confidence. 
Before bariatric surgery
After bariatric surgery

Curious how many people actually travel to a foreign country for medical care?

More Than a Million Americans Travel Each Year

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Tijuana Bariatrics'  Patient-Centered Philosophy

"The surgical team does not simply perform bariatric surgery; they dramatically enhance our patients' quality of life."* Tijuana Bariatrics

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The network of physicians coordinating with Tijuana Bariatrics performs a wide range of services, including bariatric surgery and plastic surgery. By choosing Tijuana Bariatrics, you can experience safe care in luxury accommodations from a board-certified surgeon.*

For more information, use this online form or call (800) 308-3607 today.

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Tijuana Bariatrics

The network of physicians coordinating with Tijuana Bariatrics performs a wide range of services, including bariatric surgery. By choosing Tijuana Bariatrics, you can experience safe care from a board-certified surgeon in luxury accommodations.

For more information, fill out this online form or call (800) 308-3607 today.

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