Melina - Gastric Sleeve Patient

A Gastric Sleeve Surgery Testimonial


Melina has lost nearly 100 pounds so far thanks to her gastric sleeve surgery. Melina truly appreciated the care she received from Tijuana Bariatrics and Dr. Garcia. Melina says her gastric sleeve was life changing and she has been able to take back control of her life.

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My name is Melina Hernandez. I had the gastro sleeve surgery done on July 19, 2013. I used to weigh over 258 pounds, my current weight is 165. Having the surgery done was the best decision I've ever made, all thanks to Dr. Garcia Joven [SP] and his team for helping me with this procedure. I've lost 93 pounds, and it's barely been 7 months since my surgery. I have not been at this weight for about 10 years. I have three beautiful daughters, but after each pregnancy I was not able to lose any of the weight. No matter what diet I would do, the most I would lose was 10 to 15 pounds and then I would gain 20 after dropping the diet. Although I was not diabetic or with high cholesterol, I don't think I was too far away from getting any of these things that obesity causes you. That's when I just started thinking about getting the surgery done and came across Dr. Garcia's name and his specialty and other procedures he had done. It was a life-changing thing for me. And here I am now, full of energy, getting things done, and I would highly recommend the surgery for those who haven't been able to lose the weight and want to get their life back on track and enjoy things they haven't done or been able to do due to being overweight. Dr. Garcia Joven is the one you should trust with the surgery. His team is great; they're always there whenever you need something, to making sure you're OK and if there's anything they could do for you.